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Letter to the Editor: Tulsi Gabbard should be the nominee

All we hear and see in the media lately is that President Trump should be impeached, removed from office and replaced, presumably with a Democrat. The entire Democeatic party is set on winning in 2020. Except they aren't.

They have gone out of their way to let the elite ruling class in their party attack the strongest candidate they have, Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi is an intelligent, educated, and hard working Congresswoman with a proven America first record. She also continues to serve in our military and has two deployments under her belt.

If anyone can win over Trump voters and have a shot at winning it's Tulsi, but the Democrats don't seem to want her. They mock her America first policies. They criticize her Anti War, non-interventionist policies that will bring our sons and daughters home. They accuse her of being a Russian plant.

When did the Democrats become the party of never ending wars and corrupt political elites?

Mark Jones

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  1. Agreed , she's very good on labor issues also, She opposes the horrible trade deals like TPP and NAFTA and supports tariffs on low wage/poor enviro nations .

  2. I agree with all of these comments. She's a progressive right down the line. Also very level headed and articulate which is actually a certain loser in today's environment. How is she going to gain any traction with the playing field so tilted against her? I don't agree with her not actively campaigning in Iowa and focusing solely on New Hampshire. She needs to at least do better than expected in Iowa in order to gain any momentum. Even so, I've donated to her campaign and am not sorry I did. Her voice needs to be heard.

  3. Agreed. Tulsi is by far the best candidate the Democrats could nominate to beat Trump. It is time for a massive nation-wide anti-war movement.

  4. It’s a toss-up that the House impeaches the President at all, but the Senate will never convict. But let’s join our Democrat friends in la-la land and pretend he is removed. ‘Tis the season for visions of sugarplums, after all.

    His replacement is specified in the Constitution: VP Mike Pence. So the best you can accomplish is to raise up someone with Trump’s ideology, more or less, without all the personal baggage you hate so much. Or is it envy?

    Spare me the whining about our democracy and the handwringing over defending the Constitution, which you willingly ignore when it suits you. It’s all about petulant hatred caused by the outcome of the ‘16 election.

  5. The wheels came off the Perez clown car by the second debate. Tulsi was just one that bailed out early. With old creepy Joe on tour the gaffs just keep coming in. Should be hearing from the Bernie sector shortly about the joys of socialism etc. Talk about trying to sell damaged goods. Apparently, there is another late entry in the circus line up, the “bloomer”. Proving that money talks and big money talks loudly and you’d better listen up. The line up is good comedy but no one is really viable against President Trump. KAG 2020

  6. Tulsi Gabbard condemned the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad? With A LOT of arm twisting.

  7. Well the fact is that the Democratic party IS the party if the elite.
    Who cares when it started?

    Look Elsewhere

  8. On Tulsi Gabbard:

    I am impressed, impressed, and more impressed with Tulsi's clarity, consistency, and cogency. Her courage and integrity are admirable. She is principled, smart, and has a good human heart.

  9. I blame the Deplorable Clintons.
    (and every single Clinton supporter).

    Ya know,,, "EVERYTHING" (that means no exceptions),, EVERYTHING the Dems are ranting and raving about concerning the President,,,, (and everybody else on the planet these days)..
    The Dems have done also (and then some in my opinion).

    They can "SAY" whatever they want but their actions are no different than the hated Reps...

    If they want better,,,, than they need to be better.

    If you act like a deplorable and you look like a deplorable and you smell like a deplorable,,, guess what?
    You're DEPLORABLE.

    TULSI is speaking truth to power.
    That's why Hillary and her crooked machine are trying to destroy her.
    No surprise the hard core blind and corrupt supporters are lying about Gabbard.
    She might actually put Hillary and The Orange one in jail where they both belong.

    "IF" Gabbard leaves the Democratic party,, she has my vote.
    (But only "if").

  10. "Truth to power" means another anti-constitutional Democrat with a slightly more mild demeanor than the others.

    Do yourselves a favor - go find out what these candidates ACTUALLY stand for.