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Letter to the Editor: Two thoughts regarding the Strong town meeting

We are fast approaching town meeting time. As we go to vote there are two things I would like to discuss.

First, I am so glad that Gerald "Mike" Pond is running for selectman. As a business owner in town, I believe that he has a lot of knowledge to help our town. He was on the SAD 58 school board for many years and was a very active member of this group. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes and does it in an honest and forthright way.

Secondly, I believe that the town is overlooking a very important resource. Sue Ellsworth and her group of volunteers have worked relentlessly without thought of praise and with very little money to make the memorial park on Burbank Hill a fun and safe place for our children. I believe that the town should help support it more than it does. The children in our Town are often left out and this park is an oasis to which they can visit. The Town does give a little, very minimal support to this endeavor but in my opinion, more should be given. I have no idea what is on the warrant this year for support for the park but it should be more. We will not always have people such as Sue or volunteers to keep this park going.

Please get out to vote for selectmen and go to town meeting to see what the warrant holds.

Rebecca Croteau

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2 Responses »

  1. If you think that the park needs more money, I am sure they would your take donations. Please stop finding ways to donate my money.

  2. I agree Mike Pond is a stand up person. Some may not always agree with him, but you know where his stand is and what he is thinking. I personally think Strong could have no stronger voice than Mike. Good luck Mike.