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Letter to the Editor: Veterans for Trump

I am some disgusted with military veterans that show allegiance to Donald Trump. A man who received five deferments from service in Vietnam: four rich kid school deferments and a medical deferment claiming bone spurs.

On a talk show with Howard Stern, Trump was asked about avoiding venereal disease after sleeping with numerous women. Trumps answer was, “It is a dangerous world out there. It’s scary like Vietnam. It’s my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”

1959 to 1975, 58,479 brothers and sisters never returned from Vietnam. Not a joking matter.

During his election campaign Trump denigrated John McCain by saying, “He’s not a hero. He’s a hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

McCain spent five years as a POW. While being interrogated, with his hands tied behind and hoisted from a ceiling, McCain was beaten, sustaining a life-long injury. McCain kept the faith with his fellow POW’s refusing a release when offered, until all other captives were released in order.

Trump’s statement “I like people that weren’t captured” is a spit in the face of every man who ever sacrificed his freedom for this country as a POW.

This cowardly draft dodger, during his campaign, disparaged a Gold Star family that gave their son to the ranks of brave heroes that have served this country and will never return.

Now Trump attacks a military man who wears the purple ribbon signifying a soldier who has bled for this country – a man whose brothers all served in the arm forces of the United States.

This bloviated, bellicose coward, who was designated Commander in Chief by a flawed Electoral College after losing the election by three million votes – the same coward that quaked in fear when the aircraft lights were turned off prior to landing at his one visit to troops in a war zone; has no claim to allegiance from military veterans.

W. Gilliland
Retired Navy
Vietnam vet.

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  1. There's also his recent pardoning of war criminals that even the Navy can't stomach. Though it is in line with his past support for torture. No self respecting veteran could defend the disgraceful facts of Trump's actions above. Now get ready for the whataboutism deflections.

  2. Red flag W. Gilliland voting rights, clearly not a stable individual and needs help.

    If you know this man wish him a Merry Christmas and give him a hug, then whisper in his ear "Trump is still your president"

  3. So I take it Tulsi Gabbard has your vote? She is by far the best candidate in the hundred or so Dems running.

  4. Well not everyone is cut out to be in the military and some definitely should not. That being said I was an active duty Marine in an all volunteer force 87-96 fought in Desert Shield/Storm and am no fan of the draft. I served under Regan, Bush and Clinton and we were involved in more conflicts around the world under Clinton. My oldest son was also a US Marine and fought in Afghanistan and the rules under Obama were hideous. Unfortunately there no more JFK's in the Democratic Party they have all become Socialist / Communist and I think JFK is rolling in his grave.
    You may not like this President but he isn't selling our fighting men and women out like the last president. He isn't trading a trader Boe Bergdahl for 5 terrorists. He's not going around the world apologizing for every little thing under the sun. I could go on but I hate typing.
    Mr. Gilliland I grew up loving my Vietnam Brothers they are the reason I joined the Marines. It's probably been a few years since you have spoken to an active duty vet but most of us just want to WIN what conflicts we get into. The older I get the less I think we should be involved in other countries BS. But if provoked we should DESTROY Everything and leave - rebuild on your own. Maybe if you were in the Men's Department of the Navy you would feel the same :) .Semper-Fi

  5. W.G... How did you feel about Bill Clinton?

  6. Thank you for your Service, W. Gilliland.
    Very good point and one that has perplexed me for 3 years now.

    Even the Veterans of Foreign Wars, who have 1.7 million members, released a statement calling Trump out of bounds for tangling with Khizr and Ghazala Khan.

    And...Don't forget the time on the campaign trail when he accepted a real Purple Heart from a Veteran and claimed he always wanted one and it was much easier than serving, "It was a real honor.". In my book, using a public platform to accept someone else's metal of honor then claiming that honor is called, Stolen Honor. Yeah, I have some of my families military items but I would never claim that they are now mine. That's not how it works.

    Hutch: Strange. Are you really calling for Vietnam Veteran W. Gilliland's voting rights to be stripped away just because you disagree with his opinion on the DBD? I know this might take some time but just think about that.

  7. I really don't think bringing up moral character of these politicians is ANY sort of thing the Left can win, LOL!!!! Now they're pretending to be anti-Russia, pro military, etc etc. Tomorrow, whichever way the wind blows to get power.

    The whole thing is dirty and rotten, and pretending your side isn't - is fantasy.

    * Tulsi is as loonie as the rest. socialist, rights-taking. She simply carries herself a little better. Happy impeachment - can't wait for the Senate to bring up all the Leftist abuse of power!

  8. To the author who wrote this ,
    "has no claim to allegiance from military veterans".

    I'm every bit as much a veteran and you are.
    And I completely disagree with you.

    But unlike you,,
    I say you have a right to your opinion.

    And unlike you,
    I don't feel as though every one who disagrees with me is worthy of the scorn you vomit.

    Who I support and what options I have are

    God Bless America.

  9. Oh, PS - right now, Maine Democrats are pushing to legalize sell-able quantities of meth and cocaine, as well as make prostitution legal.

    Yeah - let's talk about morality. Too funny.

  10. Sgt Davis (US 51344340) least what my DDF 256 says!

    It would very difficult for me to call that sorry/lying POS in the White House my "boss"

  11. Thank you, Bill, for your accurate portrayal of this "president"; as a veteran who spent thirteen months in the central highlands of Vietnam, I have been deeply offended by the callous, stupid comments of this charlatan whenever he even mentions the military. I love the way some people try to divert the attention away from what he has done and said. They know his words and actions are indefensible.

  12. Dear Doug,
    Your opinion is,
    ". I love the way some people try to divert the attention away from what he has done and said. They know his words and actions are indefensible.".

    That's "Your Call,,, Not Mine".
    No problem here.
    I'm a proud veteran and citizen and I see things in a completely different way than you.

    I "trust" that you are ok with different opinions.

  13. Very well said "My Call,,, Not Yours..." from a Vietnam Vet (1967-1969). A wasteful war that was not popular at all. Many draft dodgers and after 50 years I don't blame them at all. The US leadership during that time was a disgrace. Lyndon Johnson was the first president to deploy troops to Vietnam.

    Thanks God for Trump! MAGA! KAG!

  14. I always wondered why/how civil rights, woman's rights etc required such a fight in this country. Seeing all the support for our current president sheds some light on that for me. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that any of my fellow Americans could support such a man, Just like I could not understand how so many were against civil rights and woman's rights.

    He lies, he cheats, he has no respect for the rule of law and has been nothing but a embarrassment from day one. The hate and discontent that he has fostered is unconscionable. It takes very little time listening to him speak about any subject, to see that he is unfit to lead anything let alone this country. The fact that he has convinced so many in the working class that he is working for them, all the while doing absolutely nothing for them, amazes me.

    I have come to terms with the fact that there are people that gladly and loudly support his actions and behavior, but I am no closer to understanding how they justify their support of such a person. I am sure many felt the same way during the civil rights and woman's right era.

    To be clear, this has nothing to do with party lines. He would be just as reprehensible if he was on the other side of the aisle.

  15. I'm a Veteran also (not that it is relevant).

    This guy has a right to "puke his vile".
    As does everyone else.
    As it should be.

    You don't like The President,
    That's fine (I've been there myself..).
    You have the right to express your opinion.
    As it should be.

    When anyone thinks they can go around slapping MAGA Hats,, or Hillary is Great Hats off other people's heads,,,
    That is NO TRESPASSING!!

    Lately, the resistance" is overstepping their bounds.
    If you think there are no bounds because it's "him",.
    That's not ok.
    Consequences may suck for you.

    Don't Tread On Me.
    I won't tread on you.
    Ever hear of that?

    No Trespassing.

  16. Uh oh! He just claimed he's never met Rudy.

  17. I agree with most of what Rob said, minus the last sentence. I am a 3 time Navy Viet Nam vet and I am just as much a man as you are.

  18. Do we ever Question the information we base our opinions on?
    What do we watch?
    What do we read?
    Who do we listen to?
    What "don't we" watch, read or listen to??

    Here is a better question,,
    Do we ever watch or listen to the way WE act?
    Doesn't look like it honestly.

    Better be careful folks.
    If not you end up full of rage.
    And,,, you might be a pawn in a political game.

    Oh I know, I know....
    NOT ME.!!

    I finally and immediately stopped chewing my fingernails when I caught a glimpse of MYSELF doing it...(that looked so dumb)..
    Ever actually listen to yourself much??

  19. To the author,,,
    One of your liberal heroes once proclaimed loudly,,
    Remember that?
    I didn't think so, based on your rhetoric.

    Remember her?
    Yes, the one your President defeated.
    Were you ok with her lies and criminal mischief?
    We all know damn well she is "crooked".
    And you're ok with that?
    I don't remember you writing an angry veterans rant when her Benghazi charade was going on..

    And the Dems wonder why, as screwed up as the Reps are that no one is switching to the Dems...
    It's because they never went high..

  20. THANK YOU for your service Mr W. Gilliland. And if I meet in person I would shake your hand. Your letter, and that of a comment further down from Jon Snow, say it all. UNFORTUNATLY 45's base will never stop thinking he is the new King of the world and can do nothing wrong..even shooting someone in the middle of New York. I have some friends who are Veterans, and they think he is the best thing since sliced bread. But most of my family & friends who are Veterans ( and that goes from my uncle who is a WW2 Vet, my Dad who is a Korean Vet, other family & friends who have been to Vietnam, Afghanistan , Iraq ) think he is lower than slime. There have been many conversations about how anyone can support his sorry butt..
    The last 3 years have been a complete mystery, and, his base seems to forget he actually LOST the election by MILLIONS of votes...not just a handful, but millions...
    God bless us all and may we eject this lying cheating blowhard from office in 2020.

  21. suzie order to eject the man now in office you better get out there and rustle up someone other then the clowns that think they can do a better job.... They... none of em.. have a chance..

  22. Veterans and active duty personnel are free to choose, and they do. I fully understand the need for liberal candidates to garner some level of interest from the armed services because they know their support from that sector is nonexistent. PresidentTrump visits an air base or an aircraft carrier and the troops go nuts to see him. That’s honest support and it’s not because he’s the boss, it’s because they like the man and his style.

    All across the US, except in the welfare cites and the illegal dumping grounds, President Trump is running the table, slowing the flow of illegals, building the wall, appointed over 150 federal judges, appointed one and maybe another SC Justice, the stock markets continue to enrich the 401s and annuities, and unemployment is at historic low levels. If you don’t have a job in this economy, you don’t want one. Anyone with a job, kids in school suburban helo parents, or those wanting a this guy. Be advised, this is what winning actually looks like. Get a job, make money, have fun and just stop whining.

  23. As for who won or lost the last election ... The way the system works is.... the one that gets the most electoral votes become president... It is a matter of who your choice was.... whether a lying blowhard won or a lying blowhard lost.... However Trump is the current President and it looks like he will be for a few more years.... after looking at the lineup... However, I expect you will not be able to read this... as moderation will delay it for a long time...

  24. I thank your for your service sir. But your a your 2 reference points are extremely flawed. If u ever read up on John McCain you would see that he was a terrible servicemen. He got away with many things such not following commands and puttiing many people in harms way and got away with it all due to the fact his father was a high ranking admiral. Then that gold star family you are referring to were huge Clinton and Obama supporters who trashed Trump to the media and also during a rewards ceremony so Gold Star family or not he had a right to defend himself. I was not a Trump supporter from the beginning but when i look around at the economy and especially my retirement I say keep it coming sir. If you say Trump divided this country no that was Obama sir.

  25. @Peter...totally agree!

  26. How soon these Liberals conveniently 'forget' about their all-time hero, Bill Clinton, and what he did to (or with) a 20 year old girl right IN the White House, AT THE DESK. So funny! Guy was my age, and totally manipulated her and many others...and you STILL defend him, but crap all over the Trumpster, in outrage! :-D

    Literally laughing out loud at the hypocrisy y'all put on display here and everywhere for everyone to see. Yes, you are SO moral, SO nice, my virtue-signalling friends!

    Going to be a great re-election!

  27. This article is a perfect example of "Thought Control".

    It's titled "Veterans for Trump",,,
    And attempts to suppress the rights of veterans (and anyone else) who may in any way support the president.

    This is "THOUGHT CONTROL".
    By the same people who think we should be ok with them slapping a MAGA hat off someone's head.

    It's not ok and neither are you if you think it is.

    The "THOUGHT POLICE" have gone to far.
    Time to "RESIST" and call them out.

    Mind your own damn business!

  28. This is fascinating, it really is. This discussion started with the simple fact that P-Donny T-Rump is a self aggrandizing, bellicose, and bloviating coward who is unqualified and undeserving to be commander in chief. and then it spun out into wild discussions about the conservatives, the liberals, Clinton and Obama (of course), T-Rumps superhuman performance in office, T-Rumps shameful performance in office, and everything in between.

    I think we should just calm down and stick to the fact that P-Donny T-Rump is a self aggrandizing, bellicose, and bloviating coward and leave it at that.

  29. Thought Police? - So someone who has an opinion and shares it in a local paper under the opinions section is "Though Control"? You know you have a choice to agree or to disagree and no one is going to arrest you. Hyperactive responses are a tool of propagandists to side swipe out thoughts. Media opinions are only dangerous when they use non-journalists to pass "Alternative Facts" to discredit actual documented facts. Look at hyper Faux hyper cnbc. Keep the tinfoil handy. See you in the bunker buddy.

  30. Thank you, sir. Don't let the "followers" aka the "bullies" intimidate you. Clearly they are not ready for discussion regarding their "leader" anytime soon. They/we all mean well, we are all in this thing called life together after all. in spite of the way comments like these and today's just ducky political climate may have us believe, we all have loved ones, friends and family, on both sides of that ravine I mean political aisle... and last I checked, we AMERICANS allow free speech (much to Hutch and the orange one's dismay)

  31. This is hilarious,,
    I vividly remember Scott Erb commenting that Trump does what all insecure small minded people do when they have no substance,, THEY NAME CALL !!


  32. This whole political scene is out of control.

  33. I pray for the opressirs in Washington to be corrected.

  34. Main Boy....Whatever you think President Donald Trump is... Just be thankful that it was him elected not the alternative..

  35. In the US Senate, there are 47 Democrats and 53 Republicans. Actually, there are 2 Independents, but they are really Dems, especially Angus.

    The Constitution requires a 2/3 majority (67) to convict in a trial of a House impeachment. Some quick arithmetic reveals that 20 Republicans would have to jump ship, and that’s assuming that all 47 Democrats vote to convict - not a sure assumption at all.

    The Democratic Party, at the national level, is betting the whole farm that the numbers above will somehow twist and warp to evict the object of their deranged hatred.

    Here’s a better idea for those suffering from extreme TDS. Trust the Constitution and the American people, wait for next year’s election, and demand immediate passage of USMCA.

  36. @Frostproof..."The Democratic Party, at the national level, is betting the whole farm that the numbers above will somehow twist and warp to evict the object of their deranged hatred." Not true, they know absolutely that the impeachment will go no where in the Senate. They are hoping it will help them in the election next year because they know without it they will surely loose.

  37. Awful lot of us here who side with Russia against the U.S.. We should be deported there!

  38. And why is it that the Dems will lose?

    Stubborn stupidity.

  39. That?,

    You seem confused. Stellar economy raises all boats, except those that are unwilling. Check your investments and pension statement. Illegals out of our country, it’s happening. Cutting back on welfare to able bodied adults, check. Stubborn stupidity or.... more liberal excuses? Get a job bro, pay your own bills, stop whining and try to have some fun will ya. KAG2020

  40. Last time I checked MY taxes didn't go down. If your's did you must be in a higher tax bracket than I am!

  41. Guess I don't get it, really. When one joins the military one takes an oath to defend the Constitution of the UNITED STATES and if one violates that oath he/she will either be court martial material or will be dishonorably discharged. So, we now have a sitting 'president' who has violated his oath of office and we look the other way? And we have this bunch of dopes also violating the US CONSTITUTION by choosing a person over Country? This is simply insane. I don't give a crap WHO the pres is, if he/she violates the Constitution then they should be done, PERIOD. Anyone who defends trump or the people who support him are actually traitors because you are supporting a person or party over country.

  42. @Ozerki..."we now have a sitting 'president' who has violated his oath of office"? Explain to me how!

  43. Ozerki how has he violated his oath of office and what part of the constitution has he violated ?