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Letter to the Editor: Vote no on 1

All loving parents and guardians want the best for their child(ren) and have deeply seated fears regarding their welfare and safety. We often perceive our love for our child to be greater, more constant, than that of other parents… believe our fears to be more valid and urgent.
My spouse and I respect that the love other caring parents have for their child(ren) is at least equal to what we feel for our own, even when our hearts try to convince us otherwise.
We hate to see our child poked or prodded. Our hearts hurt when they cry or feel pain during treatment. We can’t help but to feel we’ve done something wrong in terms of parenting when accidents or illness strike our little ones. Our culture feeds that guilt, undeserved as it usually is.
Seeing other critically ill children stirs sympathy, pity. We find ourselves hugging our child a bit tighter, a breath longer… feeling relief that our child isn’t experiencing that magnitude of suffering. But seeing other stricken children doesn’t change our instinctual certainty that our own child is the most precious and vulnerable on this earth.
In truth, in fact, there are children and individuals in our communities who are at higher risk for severe disability and death due to their medical conditions.
As a civilized society, we have built a social fabric demanding support and respect for others to the degree we expect for our own self and family. Despite misguided souls preaching that we survive and thrive entirely due to our individual effort and resilience, that parents know their children better than others, we innately understand that we rely on each other—our caring community—for knowledge beyond our own and survival. We continue to exist because of the protection we’ve afforded each other, advancements we’ve made through collaboration and combined knowledge over generations.
We are strongest when we work as a team, our compassion and empathy help us recognize that the care and protection we offer to those most vulnerable in our population is what defines us… are what truly makes us a community.
In environments where our children share not just smiles, but sneezes, snot, and spit, for 6 to 8 hours straight, parents have a right to expect that everyone is doing the minimum required to prevent daily exposure to deadly communicable disease and allergens.
When it comes to basic safety precautions, to ensure sensitive environments with more vulnerable community members are clean and safe for our neighbors, it is every parent’s right to expect we are setting reasonable standards to prevent contagion. That every parent is expected to shoulder that responsibility equally, for our common good.
The friend sitting next to us in a Universalist or Episcopal church is no less responsible for the collective safety of children in our community as the friend attending the Baptist, LDS, Congregational, or Methodist churches down the street. Atheist and agnostic friends no less responsibility than Muslim, Jewish, or Buddhist friends. Fast-food parents no less than organic-everything parents.
We understand medically compromised individuals, children and adults, suffer conditions that might prevent them from having some, possibly all, vaccinations. That is why medical exemptions are allowed and available. Its why most of us do our best, our part, to carry the burden of providing those protections—despite our reservations rising out of primal fear and not borne out in research or data over multiple generations and billions of shots.
We can’t rely on a dwindling number of individuals to provide the levels of protection necessary to ensure the entirety of our community remains protected, it simply doesn’t work. Loopholes allowing certain parents to receive a free-pass to bring uninoculated children into such a sensitive, close-contact communal environments resulted in pockets of dangerously low vaccination rates.
Recent outbreaks documented in America and overseas occur in communities where vaccination rates dropped precipitously, from 90th percentile levels to as low as the 30%… in as little as 6 years or less. Quarantines are less effective in halting transfer of contagion in small communities where the spread often occurs before symptoms are fully expressed and the outbreak can be identified. Convenience of modern travel has made it nearly impossible to isolate and effectively treat unprotected portions of our population.
We rely on our dedicated medical professionals and researchers to develop procedures and medicines that improve and prolong our lives. To mend our children and loved ones after severe accidents, advise us of habits and preventatives giving best possible chance at physical and mental health, and to administer drugs to prevent death from exposure… to a single peanut/allergen or sudden illness.
These folks are our community members and friends, and they go through a battery of training and examination—often at extreme personal cost, incurring huge debt—for the privilege of serving us. They’ve earned the right to heal and comfort us, to ensure we live and continue to be in our family’s lives, and we thank them every day for that. Despite the vitriol, distrust, and accusations of gross negligence being flung at them, the vast majority are good decent people who chose their vocation to safeguard us.
We cannot expect to be the beneficiaries of emergency medical treatment and modern advances, to piggyback on protection provided by others, if we are not willing to at least document why we or our loved ones should be exempted from basic measures for community safety. If we refuse the universal expectations of community responsibility, we must accept the consequences of choosing to exclude ourselves.
Protect our community.
Our community is Maine.
Please vote NO on 1.
Thank you.

Gwen Doak, Wilton

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  1. Thank you for your support for No on 1!

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my kids are vaccinated. The problem people don’t see with the governor implementing mandatory vaccines is it creates a dictatorship like they are blaming the President of being. Make your choice wisely when voting on this referendum question. Do we want to voluntarily vaccinate or be forced to by our government?

  3. Protect the heard, it’s that simple. During Iraq, everyone deployed got the series of Anthrax shots. The only opt outs were those that tested positive for AIDS. It’s the same logic with any bio threat. There is no “liberal” or “conservative” stance on disease. If you want your kids in publicly funded school, get them vaccinated or else, opt out and seek an alternative education resource. Disease is relentless it doesn’t differentiate based on your “feeling”. Smarten up, you’ll live longer and your kids may thank you.

  4. Look no further than socialism and communism to find where the Government runs amuck.
    The Dems are now socialists.

    YES IN 1.

  5. I saw a "Vote Yes on Question 1" lawn sign recently and slowed to read the small print. It read something along the lines of "fight Big Pharma" or Say No to Big Pharma".

    I found this deeply troubling. I have issues with Big Pharma as much as anyone else. But putting the health of children, your own and others to fight drug prices? I spent a long time trying to put myself in the mindset that would make that seem like a good idea and I just couldn't.

    My grandmother was born in 1906 and lived into her 90's. She saw so many marvels: the telephone, trains, cars, TV, farm machinery, ready made clothing and food, space travel, the list goes on and on. But I will never forget asking her when I was a child what the greatest invention in her lifetime had been. She didn't hesitate:

    antibiotics and vaccines. Medicine.

    Are prices out of control? Yes. Do we need to make our health care system better? Yes! But we can't confuse the scientific discovery of herd immunity and how to stop terrible illness with all the tools we have, with the companies who are currently in charge.

    Please vote No on 1 to protect all children, and vote for change in our healthcare system as a separate issue for the good of all.

  6. Thank you for vaccinating your kids, Awww. However, you are misconstruing the issue at hand. No one where in the law does it state there will be "mandatory" vaccinations. Regardless of the outcome you still have the right not to vaccinate your children. If the current law is upheld people would not be allowed to send their kids to daycare or public school unvaccinated and put vulnerable populations at risk. There are kids with cancer and other diseases who cannot be vaccinated and risk death by being exposed to preventative diseases. I understand your concern, but I will be voting NO to stand up for the rights of the sick children as opposed to those who believe the pseudoscience.

  7. There is no denying that the debate surrounding Question 1 is fraught with emotion. We are talking about children. Sick children. Our own children and the children of people we love & care about. I can appreciate that it might be necessary to put facts & figures aside and acknowledge the love and fear we all experience when making important decisions for our children. But when that fear clouds our ability to use our best judgment, it is even more necessary to turn to real science, evidence, and the guidance of the medical professionals we trust to help us make the best & most informed health care decisions. And they all agree that vaccines are overwhelmingly safe, effective, and save lives. I have already voted #NoOn1 to ensure that all Mainers - especially those who are immunocompromised, children who cannot receive vaccinations for legitimate medical reasons, infants who are too young to receive certain vaccinations, older adults whose immune systems may not be able to fight off infections, and pregnant women whose unborn babies are at significant risk of lifelong disability or death resulting from maternal infection by some vaccine-preventable infectious diseases - can live, learn, work and play in safe school environments & communities. #ProtectMainesChildren

  8. When it comes to public health everyone needs to do their part to protect to whole group. Individual freedoms do not apply. You want to send your kids to a public school... then you have to get your kids vaccinated to prevent disease outbreaks and protect the other kids in the school who have a right to be there too. Some kids can't get vaccinated due to medical reasons. Consider also that the teachers are not vaccinated and neither is the general public outside of the schools because over time vaccinations lose their effectiveness. There was a great show on the radio about this recently. Maine has fallen below the 96% vaccination rate needed to keep outbreaks from occurring. Consequently outbreaks have occurred in some schools. That was why the law was passed last year. Vaccination rates have been dropping more and more every year. What happens if this referendum passes and we remain below the needed safe vaccination level and drop even further below it. More disease outbreaks in schools. And then, will these diseases will get out into the general public where many are no longer protected? Presently no one is vaccinated against the Corona Virus because there is no vaccine and look how that disease has quickly spread across the globe. No on Question 1.

  9. I see a correlation to having a Socialist minded Gov and Government Strong Arm Tactics begging instituted.
    Just listen to the likely Democrat nominee for president Bernie Sanders who defends Castro the Killers communist tactics in Cuba.
    Where are we heading?
    Where is the line?

    This is the beginning of Socialism taking over our lives.

    Correct that no one is forced to be vaccinated but having to send your kids to a school on a LEPER island is your option.

    What's next?
    Just look it up in the Socialist/ Communist world.

    Don't bitch when it infringes on YOUR rights.
    That's what's coming.
    Enjoy your Socialism.

  10. The current law would bypass “no child left behind” meaning every kid has the right to a free education. It takes away religious and (I believe philosophical) exemptions. How does this effect the immigrant communities? How do parents that can’t afford private schools that should have the freedom of choice in a free country educate their kids ? I am in no way against vaccines (not all anyway) but this new law is not good for a free population.

  11. Obviously, from the BD coverage of this issue and the comments I am seeing and hearing, folks have not participated in , or watched the entire length of the public hearings available on line. Attempts to publish any rebuttals to the issue are edited by the BD. The herd mentality seems alive and well here in Mills territory among those with their 401k's in the fight. Truth by repition, anecdotes, analogies, buzz words and phrases is not truthful.

  12. In a nutshell, "...shoulder that responsibility equally, for our common good." Absolutely! No on 1.

  13. It appears that many of you folks need to educate your selves on the the difference's between Socialism and Democratic Socialism. You can, of course, continue to make ignorant statements if you prefer.

    It would also be wise to stop bringing your political bias into every topic/decision. This is a massive problem across the board. Pretty soon people are going to refuse to eat beef because its red or blue berries because they are blue, this stuff is getting absolutely silly and its sad to see so many adults getting wrapped up in it.

    To stay on topic,

    No on #1, pretty easy choice.

  14. I'm voting YES on 1.

    I think the no on 1 folks are well meaning for sure.
    As a society, we look out for "the common good".
    No problem there.

    You watch my back and I'll watch yours.

    In a peanut shell,
    I just worry about "over reach" by Government.
    You can be Gay, but stay over there.
    You can be a woman, but you can't have this or that.
    You can talk about God, but not in here.

    We better not forget who we are..
    And who we're "not"...
    No Socialism please.

    We'll figure this out ad long as we The Land of The Free.
    That's My "Vote".

  15. The lead lobbyist from the Maine Medical Association, who is now CEO of MMA, cried 'scare tactics' as the bill passed by a bipartisan vote 96 - 81 calling for full disclosure and transparency of ingredients contained in vaccines for our citizens. Doctors are parroting the MMA's lobbyists lines. Big Pharma gave us the opioid crisis and doctors trusted them. Now they trust their vaccine mandates. What? That is scare tactics! Vote yes on 1 to regain control. There are doctors who don't support mandates, but their jobs and careers are on the line if they challenge MMA and state government policy ( passed by 1 vote ).
    Big Pharma wants their Big Profits and demand that Big Medicine and Big Government and Big Media support them. We have seen via the opioid crisis their willingness to let our children and others sicken and die for the bottom line. There are 69 vaccine doses now promoted by the CDC. How many did you receive as a child? And there are 200 more in the pipeline? How much can a human body take? We, the people, can prevent the spread of many diseases by teaching and practicing good hygiene in our homes and in public schools and keeping ourselves and our children home when sick.

  16. Get educated
    Democratic socialism can be characterised as follows:

    Much property held by the public through a democratically elected government, including most major industries, utilities, and transportation systems
    A limit on the accumulation of private property
    Governmental regulation of the economy
    No Thanks
    We need less government


    Something worth reading if you are as confused about democratic socialism as many posters seem to be.

  18. So,, who is gullible enough tho believe that this is as simple as a couple harmless vaccines.

    ADD more and more as the GOVERNMENT DEMANDS.


    No surprise the Mefical community is ok with this.



  19. The below link to some modest degree compliments "Get Educated's" suggested reading
    Not necessarily unsaid is too many do not care to do their own thinking or are unable to do do so or are just otherwise pseudo/nomme de plumed right wing scarediy cats

    David Brooks of the NYT is the conservative foil to that left wing wacko Mark Shields who otherwise wood run amok on the PBS NewsHour sans Brook's modulating energies

  20. Vaccinations have been required for decades. I remember getting in lines at school for our shots. The school nurse had our records and knew what each child needed. Same went for our children and I have no regrets about doing so. I have seen the results of polio in one of my parents' friends; I can't believe anyone would want their child to grow up with the long term effects of this or any other disease. Please, look at it as a life saving thing to do for your children and others......not politics.

  21. This decision should not be based on to vaccinate or not. It should be about free choice with out stipulations. This law opened the door for the government to mandate the population to inject these drugs into our bodies. People say well you can opt out, but you have to pay for it by not sending your kids to public school, which is paid for by the public. The government has used this tactic to pressure people through fear and emotions connected to their children. Think about your freedoms as they are easily taken away when we act in fear. I will be voting yes, and I had my kids vaccinated.

  22. Thank you, Gwen, for this compassionate and insightful look at the fear and misinformation driving the 'Yes on 1' campaign. Everyone wants to protect their children from discomfort and risk, but doing so at the risk of other children's lives is ultimately selfish and cruel. I work in a public school, and I believe we all have a community responsibility to protect ALL our children and families—particularly those who can't be vaccinated because they are too young, have real medical conditions that compromise their immune systems, or have aging, vulnerable family members at home. There is no over-reaching authoritarian conspiracy of the government and "big pharma." Vaccines have among the lowest profit margins of any products they manufacture. Our government has a mandate to protect public health and base policy on science, not fear. The sense of persecution (and the absurd comparisons to groups that have faced real discrimination and exclusion in our society) is an ugly, ignorant justification for making your feelings and needs more important than the lives of children and other community members. The law does not violate NCLB and the underlying right to a "free and appropriate public education." That education is available to all—and if you and your doctor have a medical reason NOT to vaccinate your child, the law gives you the right to an exemption already. There are no government storm troopers coming to forcibly vaccinate every citizen. If you make the choice to disregard the health and safety of the community, that choice has consequences. Vaccines save lives. Vote NO on 1.

  23. Olde Crone, Big Pharma, big pharma, big pharma...people love blaming big pharma for everything. Yes, pharmaceutical makers gave us mass produced medications, and it was with doctors recommendations and the job of pharmacists to make the medicines from raw ingredients before that, for example anti-diarrhea in the 1940 and 50s was,
    1-part lemon juice(for flavor)
    2-parts laudanum(tincture of opium)
    1-part talc(to make it thick and syrupy)
    mixed with 4 oz of water.
    1 tbs to be taken every 4 hours.
    This was the way it was written from the doctor to the pharmacist who then made the medicine.
    But today doctors don't have the time to write out each prescription so they just write a particular medicine and dosage and that is given to the pharmacist who just fills it with pills or an over the counter treatment like Imodium, 2mg LoperamideHCL(mild opiate), and talc to form the pill.
    Big pharma doesn't know the health or physiology and metabolism of each person who uses their products or misuses them.
    300 million doses of vaccines were used in the US last year, the claims of injury(including allergic reactions) were about 1 in 4.5 million doses.
    Vaccines I have had, Diphtheria, MMR/MMRV, smallpox, polio, HEP A,B, Rabies(an interesting story), pertussis, pneumonia, flu and tetanus. And the reason for more vaccines is because people travel a lot more than they used to, people are exposed to things they are not normally exposed to. Like this new Coronavirus, in the 1950s, it's spread would pretty much be contained to China, but now with more people traveling more places, it is spreading more than it should be and faster than it ought to be.

  24. "Get Educated" I love your short, to the point post. Thank you!
    Myself, my children & grandchildren are all vaccinated. We have all had our 'boosters'. I taught school for 32 years. I know how fast any illness can spread.
    We are all voting NO on #1

  25. Feelings are not facts. Had you attended or watched and listened to the entirety of the public hearings in Augusta, you would have seen and heard that the CDC and the Maine Medical Association has no science or data to back up their anecdotal claims. You would have seen and heard scientists, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and environmental scientists from all over the U.S., New England, and Maine mopping the floor with the CDC and the MMA. Their own technology was working against them! As the 190 folks spoke until 2:15 am, the proponents sounded ignorant and uninformed as speaker after speaker against this mandate PROVED the science and data that an unvaccinated person is no more dangerous to an immune compromised person than a vaccinated person. The 'doctors', in their Hollywood staged white lab coats, were bewildered, embarrassed and puzzled up against the speakers opposing arguments. The younger doctors were interested and asking questions. All the pro-vaccine folks had for information were anecdotes, buzz words and phrases. They were obviously pushing a false narrative by repeating themselves and of course the biased Big Media is not reporting the truth of the public hearings. We, the people, have turned out in droves all over the U.S. and are very informed of the danger of the medical industrial complex pushing these false narratives to protect their bottom line.( i.e. the opioid crisis ) Big Media will play it for proponents in the extreme because the folks are so well informed and as stated in the Bulldog on 3-18-19 Big Pharma is a $16, 000,000 a day industry. Too many older, wiser, unindoctrinated folks are fighting back to expose the corruption. Big Media will do their dishonest best to fear monger, flailing like rabid dogs to convince the uninformed. There are 69 vaccines now promoted by the CDC and 200 more in the pipeline. We, the people, must fight to keep our right to freely choose which vaccines, by a fully informed decision, the vaccines we believe are worth the risk to our health and welfare, not the mandates pushed by Big Govenrment, Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Media. No herd mentality here, just well funded media bias. Shame on the Mills dynasty. " If you think medicine will make you healthy ( i.e. the opioid crisis ) , you probably think taking out a loan will make you wealthy." Health care is self care and begins at home, teaching good hygiene, personal responsibility and choosing to allow our sickly to stay at home and honor our parental obligations to nuture our children and ourselves.

  26. @ Old Crone: could you please cite an example of how the MMA and CDC were disproved? I understand the point you are trying to make, but without an actual quote or reference to transcript of the hearing your claim is not backed up by fact and thus lacks legitimacy.

    As for Big Pharma and the Opioid Crisis that is an entirely different conversation. To confuse these two debates does not do anyone any good. I am all for reigning in Big Pharma, but ending non-medical vaccine exemptions does not achieve that. They stand to gain very little from this. Mandated vaccines do not cost that much since they are in such large supply.

    As for the CDC testing 200 new vaccines that is called SCIENCE. Think of all the incurable diseases in the world (cancer, Alzheimers, AIDS, etc.). It is necessary to test new preventative methods in order to get closer to finding a cure. You don't make any progress unless you try new things. Some work, some don't. So yeah, experiments are run, data is collected, articles are written on possible cures. Those of us like me who have lost loved ones to incurable disease are fully supportive of medical researchers trying to find ways to prevent anyone else from having to experience that loss again.

  27. I have a question, and forgive me if it's been covered already. Are employees who work for Mt. Blue Regional School District required to be up-to-date on vaccinations? Not just teachers, but cafeteria stuff, bus drivers, custodians, and anyone who comes in contact with children?

  28. As peviously stated, the BD has repeatedly refused to publish any links I have attempted to post for folks to learn the facts. The hearings are 'public' and available to you on line. Re-read my posts and realize how many speakers were present and how long the 'public hearing' continued into the early morning hours. As for the opioid epidemic not being pertinent. Re-read my previous posts. The doctors are also the victims here. Consumers have a responsibility to inform themselves. All I can do here is point you the direction of making an informed decision. A bill was also passed to make the vaccine ingredients available to the consumer. I cannot teach folks how to think here in the BD. Hopefully, I have encouraged folks to do their homework and make an informed decision. Again, this bill passed a bipartisan vote by only 1 vote. That should tell us something about the opponents media blitz on the telly-vision.

  29. Hmm...if their were a vaccine against cancer, should we get vaccinated? Oh, wait there is for one type of cancer......Use it!!!

  30. According to the woman on WVOM I heard yesterday (feel free to do your own research) the “herd” immunization rate in 2000 was around 80% it is now 96% and we now have a problem? This is just more fear mongering from the government and socialists.
    Townie is absolutely correct if you keep allowing government over reach you won’t realize your freedom is gone one day.
    Some of the people falling in line here probably think we should give up our guns too and vote for comrade Bernie.
    No thanks I will keep my freedoms and my health Yes on 1 !!

  31. The false assertions and mischaracterization of data from 'Yes on 1' advocates are a huge disservice to our children. They scream, "Big pharma!" and try to erode confidence in all sources of actual data, but that is really just a fearful, reactive, and ultimately lazy response when pubic health is on the line. It all comes down to the numbers. EVERY public health agency from the Maine CDC, to the national CDC, to the AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) to the WHO puts effective herd immunity threshold between 92% and 95%( There is an alarming potential for the spread of infectious disease when the vaccination rate declines even a few points. In recent years, a significant drop statewide in vaccination rates has made our kids and communities vulnerable--and indeed we have seen a resurgence in potentially deadly, preventable outbreaks like measles in Maine. Many schools and counties in our state have dropped well below the levels of vaccination needed to prevent the spread of disease.You can see for yourself how protected the kids in your own school and county are, and whether you and those you love are at risk. In many places, most IF NOT ALL of the exemptions that have our children and vulnerable community members at risk are religious and philosophical ( It is time to put our fears, assumptions, and selfishness aside and rely on science and critical thinking. The life you save may be your own, or your child's. Please vote NO on 1.

  32. Ana,
    Every medical and scientific organization supports the murder of unborn children. Even though it's an established fact that they address killing a live human baby yet they support the killing anyway....for $$.
    Now that's a real "dis-service" to children....
    I disagree with them and you for selling them as trustworthy.

    So now we're supposed to trust this same bunch to inject drugs into our children's bodies because they say so....
    If only they can be trusted,

    Follow the money "without bias",, and you get to the "root" of it all.

    Yes on 1.
    Keep our Freedom

  33. Some folks have raised money as an issue.I would like to clarify When Dr Bien wrote in,someone said he was just looking for more paying customers.. Here is how vaccines work for the doctors:
    Most vaccines are for children. Not all- who among you has not thought you needed to get a tetanus shot( and what doctor has ever seen a case?Dr Adler wrote and told us about how she had seen pertussis etc)
    Vaccines cost alot The older ones like polio are about $30.00 a dose.But only come to docs in packs of 10. Newer ones like Prevnar are$ 200.00 a dose Ask your grand others who are afraid of getting shingles but find the shingrix shot is 200.00
    I despise big pharma too( and wish the governemnt would get out of bed with them and act) but here is how things work--
    Every state has a VFC program Vaccines for children( there is also a national VAERS program to pay for injuries caused by vaccines becasue rare horrible things do happen . You pay for it in taxesThat is not socialism It is called a civilized society))
    Doctors have to order vaccines in batches of 10 from the state VFC who gets them from a middle man who gets them from SAnofi and Merck etc . Doctors must give the vaccines free if they come from VFC DId ya know that? They are paid for by the insurers-which really must mean YOUR premiums. ( lots of bureaucracy and complexity)

    Drs are allowed to charge a fee something like 21.00 to administer a vaccine That is supposed to cover the the cost of the needle, syringe, disposal of needle, time with parents, bandaid and reporting it twice- in the medical records and then they log in to IMMPACT a statewide registry( that needs a contract and education al hrs renewed periodically ) so school nurses in Caribou can see JOhnnys shot records if he moves there.
    For 21.00
    For Doctors it is an obligation not a profit. The returning of expired vaccines and the ordering etc is an enormous bureaucratic effort. Practices cannot share easily etc.MAny rules So do not write in talking about doctors' being hungry for patients' dollars.
    In addition
    Around here it is very hard to find a primary care doc. I doubt Dr B needs business
    In addition , primary care is paid terribly You would be shocked They currently spend about 1/3 of their day unpaid filling out forms , explaining your insurance to you ,trying to get you a test or med your insurance or you cannot pay for. Hence we had the lowest percentage of MD graduates last yr EVER who went into primary care.
    Vote as you please but use facts.
    And by the way typos are one thing but its spelled herd.Why would you let someone who cannot spell influence you ,eh?

  34. The Experts,
    Expertise might mean Entrenched and Indoctrinated by their surroundings (industry).
    Although initially well intentioned, they have become "comfortably numb" within their own herd.
    Viewing the people as below them.

    In a Free Society, The "Experts" are not above us.
    They are taken into consideration along with other pertinent info, then a decision.
    In a Free Society, we get to question / debate without having things shoved down our throats.
    Thanks to those who got the signatures so that we "Have A Say" about this.
    Good Work!

    It's revealing how upset the "experts" get when questioned.

    Please Vote Yes on 1.

  35. Governor Mills, AG Aaron Frey and Dora Mills have some explaining to do.

    On 5-10-19 AG Frey filed the anti-trust suit against Pfizer , along with 43 other states, in US District Court in Connecticut. The anti- trust suit accuses Pfizer of conspiring with 34 other pharmaceutical entities, such as Teva, (in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act) in one of the most egregious and damaging price fixing (of generic drugs) conspiracies in the history of the US.

    Both Pfizer and Teva, were responsible parties in the opioid crisis, with Teva ( producers of the measles, mumps, rhubella vaccine) paying $646,000,000 in settlements.

    Some version of the word 'conspiracy' occurs 285 times in the complaint. Pfizer and their alledged co-conspirators decided profits via fraud were a higher priority to them than the health of their customers.

    Two weeks later, on 5-24-19, Gov. Mills signed LD 798 ( passed by 1 bipartisan vote) to remove religious and concious objections to MANDATED vaccines.

    Mainers can't send their infants and children to be enrolled in any program under control of the Office of Child Care and Head Start or the State Department of Education unless they ENTRUST the life and health of their infants and children to these co-conspirators and criminally convicted corrupt industries and purchase vaccine products from these CRIMINALS.

    This is the first case of a state itself charging a company with federal crimes , while forcing it's residents to puchase their products, and offering no exemption to those whose concience will not allow them to do business with criminals.

    The pharma. industries own 'science' and data was used against them at the public hearings to prove that an unvaccinated person is no more dangerous to the immune compromised than an unvaccinated person.
    Their vaccines cause far more sickness and death than all the diseases we vaccinate against, combined.

    What they call ' science' is simply marketing. This slow holocaust crime against humanity tells us the truth.

    Many Mainers choose not to do business with corporations that do not share their values, or in whom they do not trust. Vaccine mandates require that individuals do business with corrupt industries.

    Yes on 1 restores your right to choose, your
    right to domestic tranquility, which is explicitly guaranteed by the Constitution. The preamble. Right up front there, after "We, the people.'

    Vote YES on 1 to avoid these mandates.

  36. This law does not restrict your rights to chose whether or not to be vaccinated. You can home school, or you can prove immunization through a simple blood test. Of course your child would have to have contracted the diseases and survived them.

    I would personally rather take the path of least risk to my children with vaccines.

  37. TJ you are missing the point. My kids as well as other kids are vaccinated. I don’t think that other people should be forced to vaccinate their kids if they don’t want too. This is about government over reach not herd immunity. The sky isn’t falling people it’s still up where it belongs.

  38. I'm Voting No because facts matter and I support science
    A no Vote protects all but it mostly will protect those who
    Who have no choice it will protect Mainez most vulnerable
    Those who can not vaccinate because of compromised
    Immune systems. #NoOn1

  39. Please note this correction of a typo in my 3-1-20 post to the comment section @ paragraph 8 to read:

    'an unvaccinated person is no more dangerous to the immune compromised than a vaccinated person.

    Again, folks, False Information Appearing Real.

  40. I'm voting NO on 1 as well Gwen. It's a common sense law that protects the most vulnerable members of the community. Parents are still free to decline vaccinations for their kids, but they aren't free to put others at risk from that choice.

  41. @AWWW,

    Please note that this law in no way mandates that people get their children vaccinated. Every parent in the State of Maine will continue to have the same choices that they had before. This law simply states that choosing to reject vaccines will have consequences. This is no different than having a mandate to have automobile insurance. If you want to register a car in Maine you need to prove you have insurance. If you don’t want to pay for insurance, or you feel that it is a conspiracy to separate people from their money, you have the right to choose not to register a car. Consequences.

    I think that it is a fair trade. If you don’t want to vaccinate your children, prove that they have natural immunity. Before you make this choice you may want to look at some statistics.

    Look at the diseases prevented by the MMR vaccine

    Globally for every 1,000 children who get the measles, one or two will die, ~ 0.15% mortality rate

    Statistics on Mumps is more difficult to find, however, a serious potential complication is encephalitis which occurs in 0.02% to 0.3% of cases.

    Encephalitis occurs in 1 out of 6000 cases of rubella

    Known side effects of of the MMR - 1 in 6 children will develop a fever, 1 in a 1000 will develop febrile seizures, this is a fever induced convulsion which may last a few minutes, and is usually harmless.

    Some people are allergic to the vaccine, depending on how this is determined, studies show that between 3.5 to 10 cases for every 1 million does occurs. There are other potential complications, but those are MUCH more rare than the complications of having the diseases. Read this article for lots of details.

    I’m sure that a search for Polio, Varicella, diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis complications and risks versus the same for the vaccines will show similar results.

    These vaccines are not randomly suggested, these are diseases that can kill people. It is not about personal choice, it is about harming others that cannot make those choices. Children that are too young to get vaccinated often have older siblings who have been vaccinated. Those older children could be exposed to an unvaccinated child with the disease and bring home particulates from that child which can infect the younger child at home.

    Vaccines do not guarantee immunity, but the alternatives, children dying, children being disabled, uncontrollable outbreaks, are not worth the risk.

  42. Alyce don’t forget it also puts some kids with immune issues at risk when they are being forced by a dictator to get these same vaccines.
    To any person willing to answer honestly. What do the parents that refuse vaccines because of religious or philosophical objections do to educate their kids ? Our government passed that pesky bill “no child left behind “ that guarantees every kid a free public education. Are we going to defy federal laws again in this state to suit some certain group of people ?
    Old Crone is correct.