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Letter to the Editor: Vote no on RSU 73 budget

Whoa, stop everything! Did anyone catch what our school officials are trying to do now? This is in regards to the RSU 73 school budget increase to be voted on April 23. I urge as many people as possible to get out and vote NO!

Of note are these two items: $50,000 for a school resource officer, and the buy-out payment for former Superintendent Todd LeRoy.

First of all why does a small town with very little crime need a cop in the schools? Can’t we adults be mature enough to handle our potential problems with our kids ourselves? And how many of us make $50,000 a year? If all the people who make that in these towns voted yes and all those who don’t voted no it most likely would not pass. Fiscal responsibility dictates that we can’t afford this.

As far as the buy out payment for former Superintendent Todd LeRoy, what is going on here? I for one want more details about what happened. How does that work? Does this individual even deserve a “buy out”?

If this does not pass the process begins again. Now is our chance to save this budget from going through and buy us more time to get involved and ask the hard questions. It doesn’t end with voting. I for one intend to get more involved with all of this as I have been guilty of being asleep for too long. I want to know where my tax money is going, and I (as are we all) am responsible for this. See you at the polls, and beyond ...

Arin Quintel
Livermore Falls

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  1. The "buy out" is likely contractual and legally binding, meaning it will happen one way or the other. Either the district pays it, or they don't and then face a lawsuit (meaning they pay legal fees, then pay the "buy out" anyway).

    When a government (or a company) budgets a line-item for a new position, that position includes salary and the cost of benefits. So, $50,000 does not mean that a new SRO would be making a salary of $50,000.