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Letter to the Editor: We are not your enemy

While I disagree with his conservative-Republican political and economic views about 95% of the time, I happen to agree with something that Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson says in his recent book. The gist of his position is that the women of 2019 in our country seem to dislike men overall much more so than did the women of past decades, and that they will not admit it or talk about it. I see this in my life. It see it all around me. I wish that I could do or say something to make things better between the sexes/genders in our country.

I say this as man who was sexually harassed by a female college professor when I was a 25 year-old college student. I have a great deal of empathy and compassion for all victims and survivors of sexual harassment as well as all other forms of sexual assault and sexual abuse. I also say this as the first male Ph.D. student in Sociology in all of Canada to take and pass the Ph.D. comprehensive area specialization examination in "Women's Studies" in the 1970s. I am still qualified and certified to teach college courses in "Women's Studies" and "Sex Roles/Gender Roles."

I am speaking up for all of those good men in our country who would never want to sexually harass or assault or abuse or hurt a woman in any way. We do exist and we do not deserve to hear the constant male-bashing that some women exhibit on a daily basis.

Give us a break. We are not your enemy. We are on your side and will always be on your side.

Stewart B. Epstein
Rochester, New York

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  1. Sorry to hear your feelings are being hurt by a certain group of people. It reminds me of the possibly same people that have been whaling for two years now. Perhaps before you continue your support of the list you disclosed you should research the same list. Beto has some skeletons in his closet that don’t appear to be acceptable in society. As for the rest I will do some research on them. I would urge you to distance yourself from Beto, that would be a good start. #walkaway

  2. Leftists did it, with their ready, fire, aim mentality. The whole #metoo movement, leftist women running around screaming "believe all women", Women and the leftist media had already found Justice Kavanaugh guilty even before he and his accuser testified. And the "Well it must be a man's fault." A women doesn't get promoted, it's a man's fault, she gets pregnant, it's a man's fault, she works 150 hours a month and a man works 160 hours, it's the man's fault her paycheck doesn't equal his. The funny thing is quite a few women support abortion, it was 8 MEN who ruled on it.

  3. Aso they are all fairly sketchy on the second amendment. That little fact right there should concern every American.

  4. I imagine social media is a big culprit in this divide.

    For instance, the #Metoo Movement that cropped up after the Harvey Weinstein fiasco, while it could have been used for good, ultimately was used as a weapon by propagators of misandry to hammer a wedge further between men and women. It's created an atmosphere of mistrust and a mentality of 'guilty until proven innocent (and even when proven innocent they're still guilty)' when it comes to sexual harassment and obstructs due process, both destroying the credibility of good men and causing true victims to be lost in a sea of accusations of ambiguous truth.

    It became a cannibalistic social media movement that is so filled with blind ire that they mindlessly attack whatever they can get their hands on. There are many other online tribalist groups like this created by men and women alike that do nothing but render misery unto society. Indeed these groups existed before social media, but never before has it been easier to throw crap at someone you've never met simply because everyone else in your inner circle is doing it. This growing unrefined form of humanity that borders on barbarism in its inability to acknowledge basic respect for other humans is what is causing wounds to fester.