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Letter to the Editor: What will it take Governor Mills?

Creation of an climate council is a great start to direct Maine down the path to a cleaner energy future. This group needs to be very well informed regarding climate change issues.

One information source at your immediate disposal is the support of Mr. Carson’s bill 640. This will provide objective discussion and findings that will either prove the greenhouse gas emission relief as advertised by CMP or indicate Hydro Quebec is planning to replace hydropower sent to Massachusetts with fossil fuel generation to be consumed in other markets. Either finding can look great for your new administration: if reduction can be shown, then your administration has a wonderful opportunity to show the opposition they were wrong. If the reductions cannot be verified then your office can backtrack a bit, citing premature support and in the process win back thousands of voters who were offended to the core with immediate administration support of NECEC.

Political desire will not create a cleaner atmosphere. Good information and decisive action will. Please take advantage of the opportunity bill 640 offers for the good of Maine and the global environment. Please, for objective findings leading to the best decisions, give the bill your support!

Bob Haynes

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  1. "Yawn" If you want to help the "global environment" you'll find away to get rid of 80% of Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

  2. BrnlssBstrd, You still haven't explained if Mississippi is a town in Maine where the jobs will be from for NECEC. In the last CMP "reliability" project @ 4 years ago the major contractor was IRBY, white trucks,, blue lettering. Is Irby a Maine job provider BrnlssBstrd?

  3. ..Hrtlss...Right On.....They are always looking at the symptom and not the cause..but that is reasonable when you realize that 'two thirds of man's work is to make things appear as they are not'..(old Greek saying) ..A Climate Council ..another waste of Taxpayer money...Augusta get your hands out of our Piggy Bank..

  4. Mr Haynes,

    I too believe that political desire will not create a cleaner environment. Nor will corporate greed. Governor Mills has a chance to retain some political dignity up here in the western mountains of Maine if she gives LD-640 a chance, rather than a veto.

    Actually there are quite a few bills pertaining to the Corridor floating around in Augusta at the moment. Please, if you can, join a group of folks heading for the Maine capital on June 4th. It starts at 9am and the purpose is to tell your political representatives your thoughts on the NECEC project. If you have any questions you can go to the Say NO to the NECEC site on Facebook. Hope to see some good representation there.

    Hrtless, l’ll pray for you. That’s all l have to say about your comment.

  5. Rex, I don't know what you're on, but you shouldn't use it any more. And the only IRBY I know of is, in Waterville, which IS a town in Maine.

  6. Psuedo-Environmentalism and Disinformation

    These are weapons of the fossil fuels industry that would like to claim as much of the Massachusetts energy market to be vacated with the closure of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant as it can. QuebecHydro has the capacity to provide hydroelectric energy above and beyond that to be provided by the CMP power lines in question. This energy comes 100% free of carbon emissions. The alternative path, denying passage of the CMP project is guaranteed to increase carbon emissions and will come from the combustion of nothing but fossil fuels.

  7. Jay, you sound like a spokesperson hired by CMP to continue the fleecing of the people of Maine. Have you seen those wonderfully produced feel good TV ads saying the same thing? The problem is of course, like CMP, you have your "facts" all wrong.

    Why do you fear an independent study on global greenhouse gas emissions related to this project? I know why CMP does.

    While hydro done right can be a good thing, Hydro-Quebec is an environmental nightmare. We need flowing rivers and trees. And we need to have a comprehensive well thought out energy plan that includes Maine self sufficiency and renewables.