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Letter to the Editor: Why I cannot support Eddie Hastings for sheriff

Mr. Hastings posted on Facebook that if he won the election, he would make a 5,000 contribution to the United Way of the Tri -Valley area if he is elected sheriff. First, is this buying votes, bribery or even legal? Only a Judge can decide that. However, I feel it is immoral, unprofessional and unethical. My gut feeling tells me, that he has researched the accounts of the sheriff department, and found an account it could come from. My guess would be he would go to the county commissioners and ask them to make this contribution in the name of the sheriff’s department, using tax payer dollars. If he was such a generous person why would he have not made this contribution already? Can you say slippery? As far as I am concerned, we do not need a character like this as sheriff in Franklin County. Just something to think about.

Craig Stickney

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