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Letter to the Editor: Wind energy ethics

Can rural Lexington and Concord’s wind schism be healed? Ms. Bessey Pease’s description in a July 29 Maine media outlet pitting foreign corporations against the rights of American citizens point to a dire need for public examination.

A split of public conscience doesn't happen over night. Maine’s renewable energy concept campaigned has been well evidenced. The debacle in this instance, accompanying my discontent, is the abhorrent implementation of a method to deceive the public.

Ethics are two sided. The state persuaded the public that this (wind) untapped resource was the new fuel to satisfy energy demand, to keep in check rising energy costs with its resale, and to help save “Mother Earth.” All well-intended objectives.

Central to the debate however, should be the citizen’s frustration with “legislators” that too often, allow policy mistakes to erode away into officials taking care of each other (and international corporations), by trying to put the “square pegs” of policy and regulation into the “round holes” of justice and common sense.

I echo Ms. Bessey Pease’s call to address the larger issue. Part of it is about controlling climate change, removing our reliance on fossil fuel and boosting economic freedom. But primarily it must be about telling the truth! A split of public conscience about wind energy is inconsequential. Our differences pale in light of the larger consequence of state officials toying with the public trust.

If you affirm not to acquiesce to the telling of misrepresentations by state officials, or allowing for some neighbors be disregarded, then demand your elected officials tell the truth about wind and ask them to show us the ethical correctness in sacrificing some neighbors and sparing others.

Mark J. Cool
Falmouth, Mass.

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  1. "I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request. It means no"

    "If you affirm not to acquiesce to the telling of misrepresentations by state officials,"
    Mark cool

    " it means you reject government lies"
    Citizen George

  2. Went to Spruce Mnt. right beside Rumford point and saw the windmills up close as they turned . No noise from them at all. None.

  3. Dont you have to be a distance away to hear those things?

  4. You can be whatever distance away from the windmills you want, THEY PRODUCE AS MUCH NOISE AS A HONDA PRIUS! I suppose we should get rid of all those, too! On a windy day, they're quiet (or off) and on a sunny day, they're quiet (or off). That being said, I am not necessarily for or against wind power. I think there are better alternatives. But, if I had to chose something to look at (being a wind tower, solar panel, coal, etc.) I would choose the wind tower. They're an engineering marvel, but a wicked expensive one at that.

  5. Where can I get a" HONDA" PRIUS?