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Letter to the Editor: Zero tolerance

Jeff Sessions says "It's not OUR fault!" He forgets our history. He is forgetting years, generations of US interference in Central and South America. US policies have allowed meddling in their elections, have propped up dictators, supplied guns and troops. US corporations exploit natural resources without restraint. Our policies have frequently sided with the wealthy landowners, the bank elite, and the military.

This has served to damage the economic base and the political structure of various countries. It has functioned as an attack on religious and cultural traditions which would have held together and supported families and community members.

Now we see the consequences. Extortionists, thugs, and drug cartels fill in the vacuum. Can we blame desperate people for fleeing? Is arresting them an answer?

"Zero tolerance" is yet another self-serving policy that only exacerbates this tragic situation. Our response is reprehensible, cruel, and inhumane. It may be legal but it is evil.

Kathleen Beaubien
Farmington, Maine

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  1. Thanks Kathy for telling it like it is. We remember if Jeff Sessions doesn't.

  2. Part of the problem I see.

  3. America exploits nobody, People all over central and south America make their own choices, they asked us for help, not the other way around. We did attempt a coup a couple times, but when it was known that socialists had other plans, we took them down, Noriega being one. American firms tried to convince people in Venezuela to plant sustainable crops in a section of the rainforest that was basically deemed usable for such things, the global tree huggers had a fit and the project was abandoned, look how that turned out, people in Venezuela have been reduced to eating their pets, because they have no food, their socialist government literally killed their country. Obama's administration was busted dealing guns to the cartels, not Trump's. Fact is, none of the people who have been killed by illegal aliens would have been killed if the illegal aliens weren't here in the first place, that IS a fact. Steinle's killer had been deported five times, FIVE. ICE tracks down illegal aliens who don't show up for court, just like the regular police do to American citizens who don't show up for court. Coming to the US illegally is an arrestible offense, US citizens who commit felonies are arrested and their kids are given to DHHS or a family member, as are the children of illegal aliens. But unlike US citizens, children of illegal aliens are allowed to stay with their parents for up to 20 days after the parents are arrested. But it takes time to vet people and locate family members. And when there are up to 200 people a day illegally crossing the border every day, it creates a back log, and we just can't turn the kids loose on the streets. So use some common sense, think things through for a change, oh, the 20 day thing, Clinton in 1995 approved that, with the full support of the houses, and it was ok'd by the 9th circuit of appeals in 2009 and again in 2015 by the same court, neither Clinton in 1995 or the 9th in 2009, 2015 have nothing to do with the Trump administration. ICE is law enforcement, they are tasked with enforcing federal law. If you don't like our laws, tough. Run for congress and change them.

  4. Yet another Lefty opinion that the troubles of the world are all the fault of the USA, and to atone for our evils we must accept millions upon millions entering our country illegally, to be cared for by our labor and contributing to our decline. That is NOT seen as 'inhumane' by the Left, apparently. We 'deserve' the downfall of our nation due to past actions. Happily, every day more and more folks wake up to the fact that the people on the Left really feel this way about our country. The more they put out there, the more people are seeing the real intent.

    Of course, we conveniently omit the (quite significant) Democrat portion of that meddling entirely. You should join the Tea party, which does not desire foreign interference or boots on the ground action but still sees this as the best nation on earth which has benefited the greatest number of people globally, which it is.

    Happy Independence Day.

  5. So, what you're saying is we/US meddled, and now we're supporting the masses. So you're okay with that support? I'm NOT! We've got Veterans who go without. We've got Seniors who struggle to get by. But it's okay to give money and support to the masses? And it's all Jeff Sessions fault.
    My suggestion: Open YOUR home. Support just one family. And then go down the street and find another family who thinks like you do, and have them support another on and so forth.
    See how simple it is? And the folks who have served this country, and supported this country with their work and taxes won't have to go without. Or go without less.

  6. Why are there no refugees in the US from Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama? Because those are republics, with functioning economies, and reasonable freedom. Even Panama, after we ‘meddled’ and got rid of Noriega for them. The others are some version of socialism or communism, following the usual descent into dictatorship or gang anarchy, whether we ‘meddle’ with them or not.

    In all those countries, not just the republics, there are US embassies and consulates {*}, at any one of which people can ask for asylum and enter the legal process to come here. There are ten such offices scattered around Mexico alone. Why do the illegals insist on making a long, dangerous trip to our southern border and then sneak across, ignoring all the dozens of legal ports of entry?

    Because that is what they have been told is the one and only way into the US. Told by their governments, by the bottom-feeding human traffickers who guide them in exchange for every dime they have, and - most unfortunately - by US advocates phishing for voters. Compassion has nothing to do with it.

    {*} Some of these offices my be understaffed. Feel free to complain to Collins and King about the Senate’s foot-dragging on appointments.

  7. "Exploiting their natural resources"---this means buying things from them. If the vampires of United Fruit had left them alone the Hondurans would all be living happily on their own bananas.

    Question: Does Beaubien eat bananas? And if she does, does she realizes she's participating in exploitation?

  8. Please, if you have such strong feelings and opinions about how bad the U.S. is, just leave!

  9. I agree Jeremy; I’d feel foolish and hypocritical to remain in a country I hated so much! These folks with all the answers should migrate to Central America and fix things if they really care.

  10. Kathy, thank you for the reminder. The folks who are arguing to the contrary have a lot of research to do.

    And by Hrtlss Bstrd's argument, "none of the people who have been killed by illegal aliens would have been killed if the illegal aliens weren't here in the first place", can we then conclude that none of the women who have been killed by men would have been killed if the men weren't here in the first place? His logic follows.

  11. ¿Let me get this right? So, by the logical minds on here...if the men weren’t here in the first place the women therefore killed by those men would not be killed? So, we can conclude further in the logical mindset thinking, that those same killing men, however, continue to live free and wide and be joined with the children of those women killed by them...

    Nuff Said...

  12. My bad...

    “...however, these men should continue to live free, wide and be reunited with...”

    Nuff Said....corrected, hehe