Franklin Countys First News

New Sharon Board of Selectmen in support of County Commissioners

Dear Commissioners,

At its regularly scheduled meeting on February 18, the New Sharon Board of Selectmen reviewed
statistical data provided by Western Maine Transportation Services (WMTS) for the Town of
New Sharon for a period covering 2015-2019 (see attached). After careful review and discussion,
the Board agreed to support the County in its decision to NOT fund this agency for the following

1. Services to the Town of New Sharon include only seven residents in a five-year period.
2. All the trips provided were either: paid by the rider in full; billed to United Way of the
Tri-Valley Area, Maine DHHS or MaineCare. Essentially, WMTS would be doublebilling
(billing both outside revenue sources and/or the Town and County).
3. Service refusals to provide transportation for lack of resources (2018).

The Board does not see a need to tax county-wide residents for services provided to towns with
larger populations where services may be utilized more. Funding should come directly from each
town so that those residents can make a local decision on support.

On behalf of the Board of Selectmen,
Lorna D. Nichols, Chair
Town of New Sharon

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4 Responses »

  1. It is good to see that there is integrity ,intelligence and professionalism still alive in some boards. Too bad many more boards and individuals wouldn't behave in the same manner.

  2. Lorna,
    Good job at the research of WMTS. So much waste sometimes goes on and a lot of us don’t realize it.
    I also echo Jordan comments.

  3. Well Done, as usual Lorna! Hope Chesterville follows suit!

  4. It is good to see this board doing their homework. Jordan I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you.