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Politics & Other Mistakes: An unpopular opinion about the popular vote

Al Diamon

Oh swell, now I’m in bed with a racist.

There I was half-awake on a peaceful Saturday morning, musing about what a horrible thing it would be if a bill before the Legislature to bypass the Electoral College in presidential elections and rely instead on the popular vote becomes law, when I rolled over to find myself face to face with former Gov. Paul LePage.

“Actually, what would happen if they do what they say they’re gonna do is white people will not have anything to say,” LePage whispered to me. “It’s only going to be the minorities that would elect [the president].”

Then, he blew me a kiss.

I awoke screaming from this nightmare, only to discover that the LePage quote is real, spewed out during one of his bizarre radio interviews. The ultra-liberal Maine People’s Alliance jumped all over that, declaring that not only was the former Republican chief executive a racist (true enough), but so was the entire Electoral College (which, in a bizarre twist, means the alliance agrees with LePage about it empowering white voters).

The National Popular Vote initiative works like this. Participating states (so far, there are 11 plus the District of Columbia) agree to give all their electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the popular vote nationwide. So, if in 2020, Maine voted for a candidate I’ll call “Donald” (just to pull a name out of thin air), but another candidate I’ll arbitrarily dub “Hillary” got the most votes at the polls all across the country, “Hillary” would receive all four of Maine’s electoral votes.

Even though we didn’t vote for her.

Aside from this unfairness, there’s the matter of Maine’s quirky system of awarding electoral votes to the winner of each congressional district. If “Donald,” defeated “Hillary” in the 2nd District, “Donald” would be entitled to one electoral vote, reflecting the wishes of voters in the part of the state where most restaurants wouldn’t be caught dead serving kale. The new rules say that won’t happen. “Hillary” gets all the electoral votes. The anti-kale crowd can pound sand.

To give LePage his due, the overwhelming majority of those disenfranchised voters in northern Maine are white, while in the state’s 1st District … hmmm, the overwhelming majority of voters are also white.

In reality, the Electoral College protects small states like Maine from big states like California by giving us twice as much influence in selecting a president as our meager population would otherwise allow. Is this undemocratic? Yes, but we don’t live in a democracy. The college was the Founding Fathers’ (partially successful) attempt to make the choosing of the president as representative of all viewpoints as possible. It also protected us from what the Proprietary Pops called the tyranny of the majority.

Wait a minute. Wasn’t that majority composed almost entirely of white men?

It appears that, as usual, LePage has it exactly backwards. The National Popular Vote would allow the largest segment of the population – white people—to impose its will on every other ethnic group. The Electoral College is the institution designed to protect us from that happening.

That it doesn’t always work perfectly (see Richard Nixon, Warren G. Harding, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump) is no reason to abandon it for reckless experimentation in ceding presidential selection to the most populous states.

Most of which are full of sketchy white people.

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  1. Totally agree. It it weren't for the EC, Maine would never see or hear from another presidential candidate. Too few voters who are too far away to bother with.

  2. Al: I am concerned about you dreaming of LePage being in bed with you....blowing you kisses!! Read the rest of your article but was stuck on the first few paragraph's....

  3. This is getting truly ridiculous. Al, i know you have taken the oath to never speak ill of a fellow socialist (aka Democrat), but try to man up a little for once. If you oppose the policies of your fellow socialist, i.e. NPV, and ranked choice, ect. come out an attack them!

  4. Al, didn't you learn after 8 years, to decipher LePage speak? Such as his Christmas tree with dem photos was a metaphor for the types of bills the dems were trying to pass. By him saying white people would have no say, is another metaphor, for the current state of affairs with the southern border and refugee resettlement. Trump tried to enforce an immigration block on certain Muslim majority countries, it was blocked. He is trying to secure the southern border, it has been continually blocked and held up by house dems. Now, if we did away with the electoral, the minorities would literally be dictating the vote, because the leftists have not learned to just do what is best for the country as a whole, and instead think America is permanently stuck somewhere between 1865 and 1965, where if whites don't address a specific race as the victim of imagined slights at the hands of whites, then those whites are racists. The left by far is more guilty of demagoguery than the right is. I have never heard Trump say any particular race when he is championing for something, but I have heard several dems do it.

  5. "Florida Man..." AKA LePage, is still unsound and unfit for public opinion and office. Just today another "Florida Man" headline of off the cuff opinions trying to insert identity politics as if this would hurt Democrats. All that's missing is a finger pointing "fake news" line. The GOP is in a sad place considering the Lewiston scandal, the criminal activity in the white house debacle, and the continuing push of hate from former Maine Gov now "Florida Man..." “The Jewish people in America have been great supporters of the Democratic Party,” LePage said. “In fact, that’s where their money comes from for the most part. They should be absolutely insulted for what she’s been saying.”- Lepage

  6. "The National Popular Vote would allow the largest segment of the population – white people—to impose its will on every other ethnic group. The Electoral College is the institution designed to protect us from that happening."

    No, the EC was designed to prevent a flood of foreign "ringers" from entering the country to tip the election one way or another. Race had nothing to do with it. Although now, those ringers are here and Democrats are giving them the vote, making the EC more important than ever.

  7. Sam, That's mostly true about Jewish money, Soros, Bloomberg, Goldman-Sachs, these are the three biggest donors to Hillary's 2016 presidential bid. Bloomberg personally funded the yes on 3 campaign for the push for universal background checks. Bloomberg donated to the Mills campaign.

  8. HB: Everything about "Florida Man's" and your comment seem to connect dots that ignore the rest of the page. The comment is merely race baiting to a crowd that wants to find faults at the expense of any logic. Nothing about the comment is substantial or anecdotal for any other reason. Florida Man is not in any position to say who or what is right or wrong about funding unless he is willing to admit who funds him and his party and why that may have implications of how he acts in front of a microphone. He is also not entitled to hold a higher ground by continuing to act in such a shameful way without acknowledging his own mistakes and misspeak. The internet and talk radio has invented a new way of "non journalistic" reporting that anyone can make news by connecting two unrelated things to one thing and making up a conclusion that the viewer wants to hear. Florida Man uses this as a way to connect his audience to their own assumptions about the other and ingrained susceptibility to racist thoughts. Anyway, you keep putting your one to one connections together and ignore the fact that they are merely spun together by myth a lack of fact based logic. Q: Why does it matter to you and Florida Man that a few people from the wealthy Jewish community donated to both R and D party? Would it matter if a donor was from the Atheist, Catholic, or Mormon community?

  9. Heartless: Spot on! Al re-directs his own parties idiocy at the former governor. Sam has an issue with the ex governor continuing to speak out. Sounds familiar...(Clinton). Typical of the dems flipping the narrative moving the goal posts.

    Currently, the race baiter's are the Democrat Media. They can't go a day without calling some one racists. Their identity politics are de-valuing these words like Racism and Misogyny. Sam & Al join in and like the other brainwashed minions they cry wolf using these terms and words so often that people have become numb and unresponsive, thus taking away from the real victims.

    BTW just because the media says Hillary won the popular vote...I don't believe it. With illegals voting,ballot harvesting,voting machine manipulation-(BTW-owned by Soros) etc. Get ready for the Dems to steal elections all over the county again. They have proven they can get away with anything.

  10. Haha, tim (apple) your response is actually a conundrum of tea party brand conservative defensiveness that is anything but original. I watch conservative news and listen to talk shows everyday to see if there's any substance to them beyond entertainment. Unified anger towards Dems is about all I get. Sometimes they start out okay but most of these opinions lead us way out into lala land. The only thing I find in Al's articles besides a silly take on actual people and events, are the consist party line thoughts in every angry putdown that follows in the comment section. Talk about sheep, have you ever considered that the letter R doesn't mean the Right choice? I look back at the people nominated with an R in front of their name and if they arn't tied up in lawsuits or resigning over election scandals that they blame everyone else for then they are committed liars that lack the integrity to tell the truth or own their own words, even if it's been recorded. Yeah, probably some on both sides but one side tips the scale these days. I find so much fear in your words. "Typical of the dems flipping the narrative moving the goal posts.". It seems almost like you are unaware that this is exactly what you are doing by referencing talk show based vague then sweeping ideas about your opponents narrative. Give me substance by pointing out quotable or fact based events that anyone actually said and a place I can look it up if it's hidden in some dark corner of the anyone can have a web page and report web. P.S. I'm not affiliated with either party so you don't offend me I just want to learn from facts...

    Hrtless. Thanks for the response but again I ask how one or two people makes it an entire culture that supports one party? To me the dots are too far apart to make a clear picture. And, why would that even be a thing to bring up if it's not meant to suggest something alternative?

    To Al: I now you read this stuff so all I can say to you is that the wet dream thing is creepy but then again, so is "Florida Man...". Maybe someday we can all stop talking about Hilary and "Florida Man" since they are just past tense traumas now evolved into figments of our overactive imaginations.

  11. Sam. I also am not affiliated with R or D I have been independent and Un-enrolled for 30 years. I also like facts. You can not get facts from main stream: TV, Radio or Newspapers. There IS a lot of fake news on the internet. (Facebook Twitter Google Yahoo), but the truth is also there. I know that I am well informed and my common sense says that your points are good...just quite the opposite.

    I shouldn't have to provide proof that LePage is a NOT a racist. You should have proof before you make the accusations. That's the difference between a liberal and conservative. Liberals do not require facts.

    "Fear" is another one of those words kidnapped by the left. I find it funny that you found fear in my words. I'm sorry if I scared you that was not the intent. I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy flying around these days.

  12. tim. again with the denial and spin of my easy to reread printed words. It's evident that you are a not here to create dialog but just to spin in your personal opinion. The proof you deny is in the context of his own public statements, the history of racism in our country, the current support of white nationalism and violence by the current administration and fox (mostly fake)media, your denial that this is what it is, and the fact that you can watch, listen, and read what is recorded and is now public record or otherwise known as facts. It's true that you shouldn't have to provide proof that Florida Man is racist but not for the reason you are denying. Heck yeah you shouldn't becasue an official voice of the Republican party shouldn't be saying and supporting such things in public. How about his buddy the former mayor of Lewiston who compared the local GOP meetings to a KKK rally and then proceeded to join in on the fun? Recorded and publicly released text that he himself admitted where his.

  13. I usually enjoy these articles, and did this one as well (props for entertaining writing), but your reasoning is backwards. Yes, white people are a majority nation-wide; however, they are much *more* of a majority is rural areas. The electoral college, which strongly favors rural voters, therefore gives white people disproportionately *more* power than a popular vote would. The fact that whites are still a nationwide majority doesn't change that. Lepage is correct about the effect of getting rid of the EC; he's just racist for thinking that white power (literally) is a valid argument in favor of keeping it.

    We are all equally American, and the President's job effects us as individuals far more than it effects us as States. Thus, we should all have an equal say in choosing him. While the Governor's argument was about race, the issue itself is not.