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Politics & Other Mistakes: Our resident hater

Al Diamon

Can a creepy racist weirdo be elected to high public office?

Well, obviously.

But I’m not talking about THAT creepy racist weirdo. No need to search so far afield to find repulsive political mutants, when we have a sizable septic-tank clog of them right here in Maine.

The local variety is easy to spot, not attempting to hide all that hate behind catchphrases like “Build That Wall” or “Send Her Back.” The native scum come right out and say whatever’s on their diseased little brains.

Prime example: Republican state Rep. Larry Lockman of Bradley.

Earlier this month, Lockman, who is term-limited out of his House seat, announced he’s running for the state Senate district including Bucksport, Brewer, Holden, Castine and numerous other towns and unorganized territories. This is rock-solid GOP territory, so if Lockman wins next June’s primary, he’s virtually assured of taking the seat.

He is not, however, virtually assured of winning the primary. Republican state Sen. Kim Rosen of Bucksport is the incumbent, and she’s seeking another term. Rosen is rarely in the limelight, tending to concentrate on local issues, but two years ago, she did manage to make the enemies list of (speaking of racists) former GOP Gov. Paul LePage for the heinous crime of voting to keep state government open, even though LePage preferred to shut it down.

Naturally, the ex-governor is endorsing Lockman.

Some slimy baggage comes with that. In announcing his candidacy, Lockman was uncharacteristically restrained, merely accusing Democrats of being more concerned with helping “new Mainers” than “old Mainers.” But to put that in context, he had previously characterized a proposed state office to aid immigrants as part of a “war on whites.” In letters to newspapers, he’s described homosexuality as “a perverted and depraved crime against humanity” and argued that if abortion is legal, rape should be, too. In 2016, he mailed a campaign flier (without required information on who paid for it) that called Portland an “ISIS incubator.” This year, he tried to pass a bill making it illegal for public-school teachers to discuss instances of racial discrimination or oppression. As reported in The Bollard, his Maine First Media website has run stories headlined “EXPOSED: Open Border Leftists Plot to Invade Rural Maine with Muslim Refugees.” Lockman told the magazine, “It’s called civilizational jihad. I mean, some of them brag about it. ‘We will outbreed the infidels.’ And when you look at birthrates among those Somali women, it won’t take long in Lewiston. One or two generations and boom! We need extreme vetting.” According to a 2016 op-ed, that vetting would require “a minimum five-year moratorium on all immigration into the United States.”

Lockman insists none of this is racist. In an op-ed last year, he said he’d welcome immigrants, so long as they’re “English speaking U.S. citizens from other states.”

Lest you think Lockman is a one issue candidate, know that back in the 1980s, he embraced the cause of so-called sovereign citizens, filing a lawsuit against the federal government claiming he was exempt from paying income tax. And lest you think his ideology is consistent, know that in 2013, he published an op-ed chastising Democrats for failing to compromise, followed less than two months later by one criticizing Republicans for even considering making a deal.

He’s correct about not compromising, at least when it comes to Larry Lockman holding high public office.

No way.

I hate to appear racist, but I prefer emails to be in English.

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  1. Wow - amazing cherry picking ....... it is now in the aftermath of El Paso and Dayton ...... perhaps we need to look at why we have so many immigrants coming to the US. Perhaps it's because we have destabilized most of the world or that we have insinuated ourselves where we weren't wanted but stayed anyway. Those of you who cite a particular incident but fail to understand the root cause need to take a few steps back. I might also state that we ought to look at the overall record of mass shootings and let's go back to Tim McVeigh, not just stop at 9/11. (perhaps one ought to read more about 9/11 as well - there's too many unanswered questions about many things, but who is counting?).

  2. Maybe I'm an active religious person,, or not.
    Call it whatever.

    The answer to every question is Jesus Christ.
    Not the "world's version",, but the version as taught in His Word (Yes, the Bible).

    This works.

  3. Let's take a look at the "mass shooters of 2019" so far, shall we? Keep on believing this is a 'young white man' issue, yup...

  4. Nah Scott, more like a nation of mostly centrists who lean L or R, with gangs on either side, ha ha.

    Big problem for me is the inability to agree on some foundational points that would be 'sacred'. Our Constitution, for one. Some call these 'wedge issues'...not me....things like absolute free speech, right to keep & bear for all lawful citizens, are sacrosanct to ppl like me. No negotiating - we did that in 1787 :) I have trouble believing we can remain a united nation when we are in fact 2 peoples with different foundational values now. That is odd, and historically a very bad thing.

    If we could return to first principles, you might find that most conservatives aren't quite as 'hateful' and exclusive as we have been painted. We are simply not willing to abandon our core beliefs, though.

  5. Too far you keep spinning what I’m saying. I simply pointed out that you were wrong claiming on republicans have been doing all the mass shootings. I’m far from far right I’m an independent. I made the mistake of voting for Obama his first term as many people did. I voted in favor of gay marriage and their rights they felt were being excluded them. I didn’t sit by last election cycle like many did because they didn’t like either candidate, I voted for Trump because I could see the evil in Clinton. I don’t know Lockman and don’t care to. Feel free to stop spinning my comments to make you look right when you obviously can’t admit it.

  6. Overregulated it won’t do any good pointing out the false accusations from some in this comment thread they are to filled with misinformation from the msm to listen to facts.

  7. OverRegulated,

    Hold on man!!! I am confused?? I have been reading and watching the news for years and lately i have noticed
    (In endless news reports) that older white men like me are the biggest threats to humanity. You know, we are
    Racists and xenophobic and abuse women, etc. But, i looked at the pictures in your link of mass shooters in
    The USA and there are only 2 old white guys in there (i counted 98 men in the article). That would put us old
    white guys at about 2% of the mass shooter population??? What the heck???? Am i getting "fake news".

  8. Awww, and Mike - I know. It won't do any good (facts don't matter), but it seems important to keep on trying to put the truth out there! At least conservatives are now coming out of the closet! Make this a 1 term problem for Maine...

    It's pretty scary when you realize just how effective the propaganda is, isn't it??

  9. Overregulated - I think you hit on a point that has to be necessary for any semblance of unity - a belief in the sanctity of the American Constitution. It does provide a core set of values, and the ability to amend provides the possibility of change, but only when there is a strong consensus to do so. There are still issues to interpret - the Constitution is a nice balance of core principles and a capacity to interpret in different contexts (such as shifting on the notion of 'separate but equal'). It's those values that ultimately prevent any "side" from imposing their will.

  10. Anybody have a suggestion on how to solve the "trust" issue?
    We are polarized wayyyy farrrrrr apart.
    It's being fueled by "Payed For and Partisan" Media.

    The Media needs to be taken being the woodshed.

    Well,, except for the news source that tells ME what I want to hear...

    The rest of you are being lied to.....

  11. +1, Scott, I agree totally. The constitution means what it says, says what it means, and the only 'living, breathing' aspect is the amendment process. There are millions who actually WILL stand on this concept, no matter the consequences.

    Information - yes!!! Exactly. Politicians and media are working together to fragment the nation, to enhance the power of the elite class. They are also trying to run right over our Constitutional rights. Not your $400,000 per year people...your 40 billion per year types. Sadly, Republics become corrupt. Hence, my conservative "give gov't the least power you can" viewpoint.

  12. The corrupt pols in places like Augusta and the media that support them only further divide our nation. This is the plan folks. Papers in Maine, like the BD and Porkland press are suppressing the voices of real Mainers through censorship. Try expressing your thoughts about supporting illegal immigrant law breakers or wasting our tax dollars supporting them and the liberal censorship hammet comes down. Can't talk about that, it's not part of our agenda. Free speech is just that, and when you actively work to suppress the right the liberals cheer and the conservatives vote for President Trump. Maybe a bumper crop of out of state college voters will help you folks out robbing Maine taxpayers.

  13. Al really struck a nerve this time, didn't he?

    I think the root cause of this continuing strife is that humans are territorial creatures. There's no amount of forced diversity or cultural indoctrination that will change that. History shows people are prone to forming groups with those of their own race or nationality and creating their own communities within communities. The extreme of this territorial mentality is why the African American gangs, the Mexican cartels, the Italian Mafia, the Irish mob, the Russian mob, the Chinese triads, the Japanese yakuza, Twitter, and your neighbor who has 'trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again' signs posted all over his property exists. It's an instinctual facet of humanity that can bring out the worst in people. Most wars in the past, present, and future are and will be due to territory disputes.

    What's happening now is the Democrats are having their usual squabble with Trump and are trying to make themselves look morally superior to him by inviting migrants (generally a media term for illegal immigrants) into their jurisdictions with promises of all sorts of freebies.

    The thing is, taking Maine as an example, resources are thinly stretched as it is due to poor long-term management and there are a lot of natives to the state who could use what little there is (even Maine has a growing tent city population), however Governor Mills recently decided to open up the state checkbook and invite even more people into a stressed environment, and those people who are of a different culture will likely have all their needs taken care of by the state while natives who the state's priority should be continue to struggle. I can see where the old strive to defend one's territory might spring up from that.

    America was built upon immigrants of different races and nationalities who came here to build themselves and the country up from the bottom, there's no denying that, but now so many of them come here because the government says they will take care of them. I imagine if non-natives came in (legally) as equals rather than being raised up on a pedestal above the natives for political reasons there wouldn't be so much toxicity.


  14. Shamus, I for one am not arguing for giving a lot of freebies or even letting lots of people into the country. I'm saying when they are here, they should be treated humanely, and people should have basic empathy for them, rather than justifying separating families, creating concentration camp like conditions and denying basic care. I'm also very upset that so much money is being thrown at private companies providing "care" for migrants, often at a price of $350,000 per person per year - yet conditions are bad. Who is making money on this?

    No one is putting anyone above "natives," and the argument against Trump is not that everyone should be let in and given things, but that we should treat people with basic human dignity. Even if they all are sent back, while they are here they should be treated humanely.

  15. They ARE treated humanely, Scott. Just like American parents who break the law and are detained - their kids are taken into State custody. And yes, US citizens are WAITING while illegals are given 'all the good things'. Sorry, that's a fact, sir. In my values system, you don't reward law breakers, tho you do give them HUMAN (not citizen) rights. That they are receiving; they are not being shot, they are awaiting a hearing to unwind their claims. And if anyone opposes their crime of entering illegally - well, they are simply racist, less than human. I'm not too comfortable with this attitude, esp. when this began under OBAMA.

    I'm with Shamus. But what do we expect?? We have pulled stones from the foundation of our society in order to give the political (and $$) elites more and more power...people eat it up! Family, community, judeo-christian values...all on the chopping block. What replaces it, well - you can see that in the Third World. We were beginning to BECOME the 3rd world prior to importing it, BTW. We'd never have tolerated all this just 10 yrs ago.

    We should have NEVER faltered, and should have remained merit-based, like a sane nation would do. We have become severely dysfunctional, in case you hadn't noticed. It is Trump's fault (read: 1/2 the country opposed to Lib Progressive rule) the El Paso 'white supremacist' shooter did his deed. It is also Trump's fault the Ohio Antifa member did HIS mass shooting; he was driven to it. Yup - we are a certifiably nuts nation now, with no clear way to get back. These are just the symptoms, these issues that drive the wedge deeper and deeper, with the media's hammer. In the end, the only way to maintain law and order is usually with MRAPs and riot police. Congrats, Liberals.

  16. Over - right now the US is being ridiculed and mocked on the world stage for our weakness, our increasing debt, and our relative impotence on the world stage. One reason is that we are seen as a human rights violator due to how we treat people who come into our country. European states also have this issue, but they don't treat people as crassly as we do. We are seen as a has-been country, once a super power, now relatively impotent. You may have your eyes closed to what is happening, but I'm confident that in 2020 most Americans will choose to get us on a path towards not only respecting human rights, but getting our budget in order, ending trade wars that are hurting us (China is winning big time in that) and regaining respectability on the world stage.

  17. The whole world is actually worthy of mocking, Scott, LOL. There isn't ONE place in it that is worth idolizing. "Human Rights" are on the run EVERYWHERE, bud! Those pesky elites - they bought the poor off with free stuff, and now they call all the shots. Esp. the UN.

    Again, it was Obama who started the child separation thing - a Liberal judge mandated it. I support that, actually. Once again - you commit a crime as parents in the US, you lose your kids. You should not be rewarded for trespassing into a sovereign nation - this is a other land rewards you for this action. Those kids are reunited if the parents are deported or granted visas to stay...not so for the US couple who loses THEIR kid, LOL! DHHS puts them in foster care.

    Europe is gone - they have been so culturally watered down, <20 yrs, there will no longer be a France or Germany as known before, a "western' culture. It will be an Eastern one....muezzin's calling, better get to mosque! The West is doing it to themselves by not insisting that they have a firm right to be themselves - we/they kowtow to anyone who cries 'racist!' etc. Wait til it gets bad here, and it will.

    China's economy is falling apart due to our no longer being willing to suffer the imbalances of a policy that favors them at our expense, the expense of the American worker. NO politicians at all now care about budget, and the fact we can NEVER, EVER pay back the 22 trillion we now own, 10 of which occurred under Obama, but that is now irrelevant as, again...none of them care. They'll run us into the ground until even our property is on the block. Most people are now so ignorant, tho, that they don't even care. They say "debt doesn't matter"

    "Eyes closed"? I believe my eyes are quite open - we have evolved, become enlightened, peaked, and culturally we are now declining, much like the Roman Empire. As our morality circles the drain, we're seeing more and more psycho crimes, fragmentation of the nation, 'tribalism'. We accept all KINDS of destructive behaviors and promote them, such as IV drug use. Family, church and so on, the pillars...are nearly gone. There is no longer ANY 'enlightenment' here, bud. What is now called 'progress' is regression to a state of nature. Before that can happen completely, the historical "strong man" intervenes, forces people to work, gets you in line...without any rights. That is typically how it goes, and no nation has ever come back from it once on the path. We are far more divided today than even during the Civil War. Wait til 9 meals are missed.

    The fact that both parties see each new president as THAT guy, kind of proves it, no? All things you say about Trump I can show you about think a nation going deeper down that hole is going to survive? Have fun with that. One half of a nation cannot be forced to give up their values, no matter which half we're talking about. I get that as a conservative...but it REALLY looks like the Left does NOT get it.

  18. Excellent commentaries Shamus and Over-regulated. It is what is happening and it must be stopped.Some of the stuff I'm reading here is unbelievable, such as a reference to America's impotency and no longer a super-power.It can't be something you drank, it must be pills or smoke or powder?!! Maybe the brainwashing some got.It sure is a reflection from one's environment and education.

  19. I think it's funny that some get all riled up about the term "Native"....
    Of course Native "Mainer" really gets them squeeky!!
    It's their "globalism" getting them down.

    As Bill Green always says at the end of every show "Now don't go bragging just because you're from Maine".

    Can't help it though cause I Love It !!
    Very Blessed we are..

  20. I am with Overly Regurgitated. Curse that Obama! He did not repair the disaster we left the country in fast enough. We were due for another Great Depression and he deprived us of that and ended the war that we don't have the guts or patriotism to fight in, That damned Hindu,Muslin Socialite!

  21. Overregulated couldn’t have said it better myself. I often have a hard time articulating what I want to say so I leave a short comment.
    Neo nutzis ??? Really ??? Which war did he end ? He got my vote the first time because he said he would bring our troops home and all he did was swap out some for the tired and got us into Syria. Heaas a failure for that and his joke of a healthcare plan. It’s not healthcare when the IRS fines you for not “buying” it. That is called a tax and if just put a lot of people deeper in the hole being forced to buy something they didn’t want just to be paying for the same old people that our new guvna is now forcing us to pay for.

  22. Yes I agree ,
    OBama was confused and confusing about who he was.
    He is irrelevant now though,,,

    He could have done so much more,,,
    Just think,,,, if he could have self "identified" as a woman for only one day,, we could have had our Very First Female President too !!

    But,, he messed that up too.
    Poor Man.

  23. I think some of you are living in the past. You don't see what has happened to the US, you only have fantasies that show you aren't in touch with how the world works today. Oh well, I'm very confident that young people get it and will create a much better future. I'm also confident that in 2020 the US will choose a more enlightened path.

    To say "Europe is gone" is just ignorant. I go to Europe at least once a year, and follow numerous European media sources. Europe is the future, they're solving energy problems and building partnerships. But in the myopic world view that some have, you just want to pretend that everyone else is bad. I mean, to say China's economy is falling apart? Balderdash, the US economy relies on China to buy US bonds to finance our debt. The US is losing the trade war because due to tariffs the Chinese are being goods from other markets, but Americans are still buying Chinese goods. We have both a record budget deficit and a record trade deficit - including a record trade deficit with China. Wake up. Smug nationalist thoughts that reflect the 20th Century are obsolete. If you don't realize that America is seen as in decline, relying primarily on consumer spending with consumers in massive debt, with a government that is increasingly ignored on the world stage, well, you're choosing to close your eyes.

    Or don't. Stay snoozing. Leave it to the young people, they'll take care of it. They've been handed a mess - climate change, massive debt (both public and private), and anyone who dares criticize them as "entitled" after they're being handed the mess my generation (and that of many readers) made of this country, doesn't get it. I'm very impressed by those young people who will lead us out of the current malaise.

  24. With the help of older socialists and indoctrination in the schools, they'll be leading us right into the total loss of our freedom and standard of living. Given the rabidity of the Left, I wouldn't discount a holocaust or civil war here, eventually...since we've destroyed our foundations, there is no reason to think we'd back off in time. This is exactly what the global elites want - chaos to take the US out of the picture, is all. And you STILL are forgetting that even if you do get into power, half the nation doesn't want to be forced down your path...what will you do about THEM? reason to think we wouldn't 'go there'.

    There are a FEW motivated, intelligent and rational young people around, but far far fewer than in days past, Scott. Most are iPhone drones that couldn't jump start a vehicle with a manual and some photos...they're going to 'lead us'??? They haven't done a lick of work in their lives, yet feel entitled to a free living with all its luxuries. Nobody has taught them common sense. If that's the future, we're doomed! Gullible, too...they've been told the world will end in 12 (now 10) years, and they eat it up, with NO data to support such conclusions...that sort of critical thinking belongs in a circus. The children of the ELITES is who will have power, in reality. Average kids aren't self-thinkers, they are simply spinning what they've been told by your generation!

    Scott, China holds something like $1.2 Trillion of the USA's debt (2018). You should look into some economics and how this works. Europe is in the same boat. While egregious (thanks, Obama!), it is not enough to tank us - we're doing that to ourselves. Ask the same kids to suck it up, do without, cut ALL programs from military to welfare and stop taking in foreign border-jumpers...out come the antifa rioters. Sorry, the trajectory leads to only one place. And when the USA is gone, the same idiots who 'look down on us' now will be crying because an entity like Russia and/or China will utterly own them, and THEY will also lose their (now-limited) freedoms. This is a war against the WEST, all of us. The majority of the world is not 'typical white people' - it is of hispanic and asian descent.

    Gotta admit, China, Russia & their allies are pretty clever and those millennia-old strategies really DO work! But please, do keep worrying yourself over how Europe views us...nice. You are obsessed with some 'big mess you have handed people'. Yes, you did - should've left the economy alone in 2008 to correct itself, rather than spend TEN TRILLION in one pop on NOTHING AT ALL!!! Scott, you're an example of how negative programming can make a huge chunk of a nation engage in self-hate and self-destruct, to bring down its own team. Congratulations. Keep that in mind when 'the kids' with their red books decide you eat too much, so they cut you off.