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Politics & Other Mistakes: Sweet illusions

Al Diamon

Betsy Sweet has spent her career as a lobbyist, so she’s used to advancing unrealistic ideas. In the Sweet universe, it doesn’t necessarily have to make sense. It just has to be warm and fuzzy.

Speaking of fuzzy, before she ran for governor in 2018, Sweet had a side gig offering customers contact with their deceased friends and relatives, a process she insisted was not a séance. Because it was different. Somehow.

Now running for the U.S. Senate, Sweet has distanced herself from the dead, but has carried on with the same unmitigated liberalism that infused her gubernatorial campaign, even though she finished third in the Democratic primary.

Unlike her chief opponent for the nomination, Speaker of the Maine House Sara Gideon (see last week’s column for a trashing of her campaign), there’s no question where Sweet stands. Or rather, floats. Because sometimes her positions are as otherworldly as the realm of the departed.

Let’s start with defense spending. As a left-winger, Sweet is against it. Except, Maine is home to this huge defense contractor providing thousands of high-paying jobs by building U.S. Navy warships. Last month, Sweet visited Bath Iron Works, and was forced to twist herself into shapes usually seen only in M.C. Escher woodcuts in order to appear to support the shipyard while opposing everything it does.

Sweet started off well enough, according to a story in the Times Record. “As long as we’re building warships, Bath is the best place to do it,” she said. Then, she crossed over into the Sweet dimension.

“The next wars in this country are not going to be fought with [warships],” she said. “They’re going to be fought with drones and cyberattacks. And at some point, it’s not going to be whether they’re built in Bath or Tennessee. It’s going to be whether they’re going to be built at all.”

The next war will definitely not be fought with warships built in Tennessee, because there aren’t any shipyards there that build them. And the huge investments China and Russia are making in their navies indicate future wars may require a considerable number of Bath-built frigates.

But in Sweet’s dreamy future, BIW will be busy making … uh … something else. “If we could be a little more planful about new opportunities and new niches, it’s a huge opportunity,” she said.

The word “planful” is only one of many bizarre things about that sentence.

Then there’s Sweet’s “Take Democracy Back” constitutional amendment. It proposes a number of reforms, mostly ones that appear tempting in theory, but prove unworkable in reality. In a news release, Sweet said change is needed because a “Consultant-Lobbyist-Money Complex runs our campaign system.”

As a consultant and lobbyist, she should know.

The amendment calls for limiting campaign contributions to individuals and publicly funding congressional candidates. The former is an invitation to manipulation, and the latter rewards bad behavior. But the real problem with this amendment is its third provision, which sets a limit on campaigning for federal office of 12 weeks.

Aside from being an unenforceable affront to free speech, this amendment also amounts to an incumbents’ protection act. With less time to make their case, challengers would be at even more of a disadvantage than they are now. But if Sweet really believes three months is enough time to knock off a better-known opponent, she should suspend all primary campaigning until January.

That would be sweet.

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  1. Al.... very quiet and lonely here this week... Try an article on a well qualified an rounded individual that is running for the seat next week... BRE KIDMAN....

  2. Let’s do an article on how good Trump has done for this country and we need him
    For the next four years. Trump 2020

  3. "...appear tempting in theory, but prove unworkable in reality" Yup, that's the entire Democrat platform, too.

    Socialism (bordering on Communism), a totally authoritarian government that will force any who dissent to comply or be destroyed. They're openly running on simply stomping over our constitutional rights. And they think the other half of the country will cooperate with their 'plans'...ha ha.

    Sounds great.

  4. What clinched it for you,Wally? Was it that 14,765th lie? The serial draft dodging? The twitter wars with comedians,actresses or the long dead John McCain? The tens of millions we spend on his constant golf outings?
    Have you not noticed that there might possibly be something amiss with this guy?

  5. David,
    Remember the Clinton's much??
    For goodness sakes man,, it's politics.
    When the Dems swindled Bernie in 2016 in favor of the criminal Hillary Clinton, it resets the bar.
    The new normal.

    As long as the Dems keep their crooked ways going (and they're doing it again for 2020), I see no reason to hold anyone else accountable in the game.

    Anything amiss aboutt the Clinton's in your book?
    How about AOC, Omar or Tliab??
    Anything amiss there??

  6. Yes,there was plenty amiss with them but nowhere to the level of Agent Orange and his crime family. You can't play that lame partisan game with me. I have no party. I could easily have voted for Kasich (R) had he gotten the nomination but this orange creep is in a class by himself. No class,that is. Good enough,Comrade?

  7. Yes David, there is plenty that I see "amiss" concerning our current President Trump. And the Reps.
    No doubt about that.
    So we agree.

    Is there anything amiss about the media?
    The DNC?

    In my opinion, the media and DNC are worse.
    And that's saying a lot because I don't "like" Trump's ways.
    But I'm sorry, I just can't go along with the far left taking over.

    So I'm a Trump supporter until something better comes along

    If the Dems weren't going of the rails crazy.. I might consider their offerings... But.

  8. For some it's very simple,
    Hate Trump.

    You ask them if the sky is blue and all they can say is Hate Trump.
    You ask them about the Dems and it's Hate Trump.
    So them about Joe Biden and it's Hate Trump.
    Speaking of Joe,, When asked about HIS suspect dealings he responded,,(Yes you guessed it),, Hate Trump.
    Any original thoughts?
    Any constructive thoughts?
    Or is Trump Derangement Syndrome ruling your every thought.
    It's ruling your every response so.....

    Biden looked shallow and shifty when avoided answering a debate question by sharing Trump.

    It takes more than this to convince any serious person you're actually on to something real..
    Otherwise, you just seem crazy.

  9. Why do todays liberals think this is ok?

    The chaos in Minnesota recenty during a Trump rally, Complete with Physical attacks.
    Law abiding citizens have been getting physically attacked since the last election for simply wearing a hat.

    The recent Hollywood movie about Vacationing Liberals "Hunting" Deplorables. , that was ditched only after much concern expressed.

    Our Own Marie e commented on here a couple months ago that a certain California Conservative "wouldn't dare wear any Trump clothing in that area"..

    Tom Arnold responded with an apparent threat: "Don't get too cocky traitor. They showed up for JFK too."

    If these things make you grin or you think it's ok, Own it.

    If not,
    Are you speaking out or just going along with this violence?
    The fact that so many of you condone this is driving many far away from your "narrative"..
    You cant hide behind your hatred for Trumo as an excuse.
    Any Decent person openly condemns this crap.

    Threaten, demean or think it's fun and games all you want, but it's still a secret ballot where people vote their conscience.

    If you dont understand 2 wrong dont make a right,,,
    Grow up.

  10. We are all voting for him. He has served us very well and will do our bidding or we will release the photos he fears so much. Vlad has him by the orange hairs!

  11. The problem with Trump is that he's such a weak man. His weakness gets manipulated by other countries with stronger, more savvy leaders, and it's put the US in a position where we are not feared, respected or even taken seriously. This is the lowest level of prestige and respect the US has had since WWII. But most people are realizing that, that's why his approval ratings are falling, and he's been lashing out like weak people do - angry, afraid, feeling like he's the victim. Poor guy, I actually feel sorry for him. He's in over his head.

  12. I don't know why we helped Britain in WW2. They didn't help us during the Revolutionary War! Gotta go! Who knew that a president would have so much time to tweet, watch tv and play golf. Gotta call Rupert. Those Fox guys are beginning to wise up!

  13. To many, reacting adversely to political PR is OK. Such as stealing or defacing OBAMA yard signs.

    While certain hats, buttons or signs be provocative to those who disagree, violence is never OK.
    And that goes for the Orange genius that has offered to pay bail for whoever beat up some protester at one of his rallies.

  14. I'd be more inclined to say that other nations are viewing the Democrats' actions for what they are...desperation and 'small man' syndrome - unable to handle losing an election. Willing to take down the country in their pursuit of power. At least now we know they're the Democrat Socialist Party that's against the Bill of Rights - thankfully, they've been unmasked. They announced their intentions the day after the guy was inaugurated, and anyone with 5 memory cells left remembers this. "We'll impeach him, THEN we'll find the crime...." Sure. Just wait til it's YOU facing that sort of lost due process! They used the Patriot Act that Dems once said they hated for political gain...ugh.

    The world is actually wondering what the heck we're DOING in this country. It's amazing that Trump...a DC fielding the constant, never-ending attacks that are based on nothing, as well as he has. If there were actually any EVIDENCE of malfeasance on his part presented to the public, well, that would be one thing. But closed doors manipulation of our system...all the promises of 'I have evidence!"....the Mueller report = a wasted $40 million on nothing, and here we go again! It's sad you can't see - or worse, don't care about - a 'take down' when it's right in front of you.

    The economy is better than it has been in my lifetime (and I was working in the 80s...)...employment rates, outstanding, esp. for minorities....crime is WAY down...China is caving on trade imbalances...on and on. You can give the guy grief for his personality, and I won't disagree. But I didn't vote for him for that, I voted to improve my own situation and to make America great again. In that regard, the guy is actually doing a really good job...far better than Obama, who was a nice teleprompter reader, I'll give him that. Any prez will make mistakes (like sending Iran $140bn in cash...ooh, forget that?); I think Trump has made less big 'doozies' than many of the others. At least Obama had "more flexibility" with the Russians after his election, which is a billion times more collusion w/them than we've seen evidence for re. Trump...oh, and Biden's on-video admission of using his office to oust the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into his son's business dealings there...

    Trump's approval is way UP. Those of you counting on another 'poll driven election', have fun. Remember: Hillary is going to win, 98% certainty, ha ha!

  15. Scott Erb writes,(about the President).
    " lashing out like weak people do - angry, afraid, feeling like he's the victim.".

    Um,. Sounds an awful lot like what the liberals and progressives are doing too.
    Omar, Tliab, AOC, Biden, the campus protesters, Always being picked on. Poor poor people.
    Always the victim.
    Such a Pity.

  16. "Trump's approval is way UP. " Says who?

    Recent polls for President Donald Trump
    Polling group Date Approval
    Fox News September 15–17, 2019 45%
    NBC News/
    Wall Street Journal Sept. 13–16, 2019 45%
    Gallup Poll September 3–15, 2019 43%
    CNN September 5–9, 2019 39%

  17. That’s funny that his “approval rating” is down yet it’s higher now than Obama had this time in his first term. I guess they left that tidbit out on CNN.
    Marie E did you see him say that on ABC? Or did they just tell you he said that? Please provide the source of your proof. Video link would be best. Thanks. Oh and while your looking maybe you can find the video where Kavanaugh said he will end women’s reproductive rights I can’t seem to find that one either and trust me I’ve had many many people try to find that too.

  18. @Scott Erb...what planet are you from?

  19. I don't like having to do other people's "homework", but it was very easy.

    Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

    01-23-09 inauguration: 68%
    11-21-12 50%
    01-15-13 53%
    06-14-13 48%
    08-06-13 46%
    12-29-13 44%
    01-21-14 42%

    end of 2nd term
    01-19-17 59%

    "The approval ratings reported here are based on Gallup Daily tracking averages for President Donald Trump in 2017 and 2018, and periodic multiday Gallup polls for Trump starting in 2019."


    Trump May Pay Legal Fees of Man Who Sucker-Punched Protester

    "Trump: ‘Knock the Crap Out’ of Protesters, I'll Pay Legal Fees"

    "If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously, OK? Just knock the hell... I promise you I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise," Trump said at an Iowa rally on February 1, 2016.

    "At another event, Trump suggested police should be more violent with people they removed from his rallies. "You see, in the good old days, law enforcement acted a lot quicker than this," Trump said at a rally in Oklahoma City, The New York Times reported, as security moved toward a protester."

  20. Wow Marie,

    Haven't you heard?
    The media are proven liars.
    The media is biased.
    Notice I didn't single any one of them out,,
    because they all are.

    And here you are, living and dying by these media links..
    No thanks.

  21. The G-7 meeting will be held at the Trump Bedbug & Breakfast. They'll be itching to make a deal before an hour is up. Then I'll sell them some of Ivanavanka's Chinese made bug repellent!

  22. What happened to free speech! I'll try again. @ Scott Erb...What planet are you from?

  23. The media has lied far too often enough, and we have seen documented proof of this (including the retractions they've been forced to print, as well as observing the FACTS they do NOT report on). Anyone who still believes a single thing the big ones are putting out...all owned by about SIX totally naive. Or more likely, willingly naive, and enjoying the bias. That's a more frightening prospect, but I think in many cases, it's true.

    Remember: Hillary's gonna win, 98% certainty! Polls are just a means to hope to get people to change their mind and go with the one they are told will win. Herd manipulation. They are most always extremely biased. We learned that back when I went to college. They must not teach statistics now, only 'social justice' and how to turn control of your entire life over to the Democrat Socialist elites.

  24. See Marie I can do my own homework. I can also pick which sites fit what I said. As for him paying the legal fees that sounds good to me. If a protester threw tomatoes at him that is violence and by him paying legal fees for his protection is only right. I would gladly have my legal fees paid if it happened here by some Antifa or “peaceful” protester as the dems call them which we all know is B.S. What about the video of Kavanaugh? I’m sure you have plenty to say about reproductive rights as a woman do you not ? I still can’t find any video there but maybe that’s just because there was no issue with him until Trump wanted him on the Supreme Court. Remember when mad Maxine told her protesters errr I mean followers to get up in the faces of any Trump supporter? Disturb their dinners inciting violence? No probably you don’t because your TDS is to far gone to be treated but it’s worth seeking help for it may not be to late.

  25. Actually soon 2 b ex prez that has been canceled I would imagine because of people crying and whining about the fact that they are jealous of the President having private property outside of being a life long political hack. I say that any business that wants to host the summit should send in an itemized bid and the best place gets the business. I wonder why people have such a problem having it done at cost rather than paying astronomical prices to some other place just because it’s not the Presidents. I appreciate the fact he is trying to conserve the tax dollars I pay but that’s the lefts way spend, spend, and spend some more. Just like the only strategy they are running on free everything for everyone unless you have a job. (which will disappear when they start taxing the corporations like they say they will to pay) can you explain how they think these companies will stay in this country if they start having to pay taxes that high ? How will people get a job if they move overseas ? How will crazy Bernie give ever person a job with no corporations?

  26. As there don't seem to be many "town criers" anymore, most people turn to other sources of information.

    I get my "news' from a wide range of resources, but I do not have a 'tin hat' nor a ouija board.

  27. What did Scott say that was untrue? Trump has been in the news since the 70's and never for anything good. You must be pretty slow on the uptake. I have been around far too long to be taken in by that clown. I guess he'll have to start squeezing off rounds on 5th Ave. ,eh comrade? The frogs are beginning to boil.

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