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Politics & Other Mistakes: The real agenda

Al Diamon

Maine for Mainers.

That phrase seems innocuous enough – if you don’t think about it too much.

If you do happen to give it serious consideration (or do a little research), you’ll discover that “Maine for Mainers” has become a racist dog whistle. What it really means is we don’t want any of those stinkin’ asylum seekers here. But putting it so bluntly is likely to make anyone with even a modicum of decency leery of associating with you. So instead, the M4M crowd disguises its real message by claiming that before we spend tax dollars helping immigrants, we have to take care of our own.

A word of advice for these amoeba brains: Before launching into an ill-considered rant about how liberals are ignoring native Mainers (actual meaning: white people) on waiting lists for social services, it might be helpful for your credibility if you made sure that what you’re saying reflects your real viewpoint. Because otherwise, y’know, you look even dumber than you probably are.

Although, maybe not.

To be fair, the M4Mers approach to welfare could be interpreted as technically nonracist, because they oppose giving government money to any poor people, regardless of ethnicity. Take, for instance, Republican state Rep. Beth O’Connor of Berwick. Based on statements she made on the floor of the House in June opposing state aid for asylum seekers, you might conclude she was an advocate for increased welfare spending to serve needy Mainers. “Once again, the individuals who have been waiting for services will fall to the back of the bus,” O’Connor said. “Any existing resources that are available at any time should be used on those individuals who are currently here and have been waiting.”

During her time in the Legislature, O’Connor consistently voted against expanding Medicaid and virtually every other form of increased spending on welfare.

GOP state Rep. Josanne Dolloff of Rumford is another legislator with a solid history of opposing spending for social services. When it came to helping the most recent wave of immigrants, Dolloff told her colleagues, “I feel like if we do this, we are turning our backs on our own people.”

Predictably, there’s Maine’s most overt racist to say what these more decorous legislators only dare hint at. Republican state Rep. Larry Lockman of Bradley spewed his usual venom by proclaiming that helping immigrants was really “achieving some progressive notion of what the proper racial balance ought to be.”

The GOP does have a point about the growing number of people on waiting lists. The backlog of adults with disabilities who are awaiting state services has grown from just over 100 in 2008 to more than 1,500 in 2018. During the bulk of that decade, Republicans were in charge of all or most of state government. They addressed this problem by doing squat.

I guess they take solace in knowing they weren’t doubly disrespecting those folks by giving aid to refugees.

But let’s get back to Maine for Mainers. Besides being a racist catchphrase, that’s also the name of a group run by Tom Kawczynski, the former town manager of Jackman who was fired in 2018 for supporting racial separation and the establishment of an all-white enclave in Maine. It’s easy to label Kawczynski and his ilk as racists, because they are. And their position on helping immigrants is identical to that of Republican legislators.

So, what does that make the GOP?

Try to make your dissenting opinions emailed to make sense.

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  1. Al.. obviously as we all know... It makes the GOP and its followers mean, nasty, hard hearted, one way jerks.. I was going to say black hearted and yellow bellied ... but then I would be accused as some sort of racist person. We must stick with the donkey party as they are all lily white and good people.

  2. Al, your ignorance is showing. Like it or not, Maine is 95% white, and saying Maine 4 Mainers is racist, is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have read this month, and I follow CNN on Facebook, which puts out uncut stupid on tap. Thinking M4M is anti-fill in the blank, because they don't play identity politics like the dems love to do and not wanting to feed, house and clothe the teeming masses at the expense of not being able to help Maine and American citizens isn't racist either. This is our state, located in our country, we as citizens of the two should be EVERYBODY's first and foremost concern.

  3. Most of these "refugees" are illegal aliens who tried to claim that status after coming into the nation illegally. You folks prey on those who don't know anything about how this ask for asylum at a US embassy IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY, you don't just show up. Once you're here illegally, there IS no class of 'asylum', you are simply a criminal.

    Those who are accepted under our laws regarding asylum, are here. All over the nation. Nobody complains about them. The illegal sort (Maine Democrat favorites) are abusing our laws, and you are helping them to do so. They are not from acknowledged nations that they need asylum from; there is no obligation that we aid ECONOMIC migrants at all.

    Yes, the open flagrance of our laws by the Democrat Socialists is hurting American citizens, AS WELL AS people who immigrated here the right way. The D party is simply helping out its corporate buddies with some under the table labor, who also collect from OUR pockets.

    The way you constantly try to use the hammer of 'racism' any time someone doesn't agree with you politically is absolutely shameful. The actual racists in this country are those who put non-citizens over citizens of color who really could use a break, and the rest of the poor here who are no longer useful to the Left so are trodden over carelessly by people who throw out talking points that originated during the Russian Revolution to continue to fragment, divide, and destroy our country. Trotsky would be proud (oh wait, they did end up killing him, though...nice friends socialists are, huh?!)

  4. WGME has a piece today featuring the homeless in Maine feeling left behind as illegal immigrants get housing before them. Are these homeless people racist Al? The silence will be deafening!

  5. The comments above only serve to bring shame on this community and this state. Small-minded, hard-hearted and tone-deaf.

  6. Let us cut the 'Racist Crap' and find homes for our Veterans that live on the streets of Maine cities and towns....
    The Mayor of Portland should have planned
    ahead should he have not ? Sanctuary City...what a load of crap...The 'Committee' is looking all over Maine for places for these people (note the racist statement)
    to live...Thanks to the politicians that now run this state. You can bet there is Big Money changing hands every day over this issue....

  7. Al, my son and daughter are both severally disabled ages 7 and 13 and struggle to get full services, are they racist? Maybe i should just spell your name wrong for a response. Mr. Diamond.

  8. That makes the GOP more consistently unindoctrinated and capable of ignoring your truth by repetition rhetoric.

  9. Marie E. Do you support healthcare for all? Because guess what, people in Maine already have it, they are the so called asylum seekers. Here in Maine, people voted for medicaid expansion, in the 6 months it has been up and running, less than 1% of the Maine people who have signed up for it have gotten it, but Mills has announced that 20,000 "asylum seekers" are eligible for state healthcare and other benefits, I don't know what eligible means to everyone but in legal terms eligible means has a right to or given preference over, two things that are never used in the same sentence by democrats, eligible and citizens. Marie E. Would you give up the place you live for asylum seekers? People wonder why rent is so expensive in Portland, that answer is easy. Asylum seekers, yup that's why, regular tenants come and go, come up with excuses why the rent is late, but a landlord puts $1000 on a $650 apartment and rents it to asylum seekers and the state and federal government picks up the tab, that's no questions asked guaranteed income, if they wreck the place, no problem, the feds will cover up to $5000 in damages.

  10. Hutch- I'd like to point out that Al isn't suggesting that there is anything right about the number of disabled people who are still waiting, or the choice to fund their benefits ahead of asylum seekers... just that the POLITICIANS who are saying things to suggest that they support helping Mainers ahead of others are not really interested in doing so.

  11. Rents in places like Portland are high(er) because it is a desirable place to live. Job opportunities and proximity to other metropolitan areas make its location more attractive to those who choose those options.
    Demand for housing also drives up prices. When supply dwindles, costs increase. Sounds like a "free market" to me.

    "Healthcare for all" should apply to those who plant and harvest our food, who work in meat processing plants, prepare and serve us the food,tend our children, the disabled, and the elderly.
    It just makes sense unless you want unhealthy, sick people taking care of your needs.

  12. The funny thing about M4M being run by someone like Kawczynski, is that he's not from here either but asks to be the spokesman for the image of a whites only Mainer group. I guess that just further proves that as long as you are here you are a Mainer despite your place of birth and places you once resided. Defensive local-ism is hypocritical in that sense that if you look and act local enough you can be accepted but if you look different or have the wrong plates on your car then you are "from away" even if you have a Maine address that you call home.

  13. Who wants to live in Portland?

    It's a beautiful place (as is most of Maine) but full of lost libs.
    Thus,, NOT a desireable place to live.
    So no thanks. You guys can keep it all for your selves.
    I'm pretty happy elsewhere.

  14. Al,
    I usually agree with much of what you write. But, not this time. You have fallen into the ultra liberal mantra of calling everyone who disagrees with 'you' a "racist". Maybe YOU are an anti-white racist! (Likely not, but am pointing out that there are other racists)
    Regarding 'sanctuary cities', they are illegal acts. which besmirch not only our immigration laws , but dis respect those immigrants who came here legally.

    I say this to all those bleeding heart libs who want to spend our money on illegals ... you say you care for them ... well go to their country of origin and help improve conditions there so the people won't feel the need to emigrate.

    Oh, I get it .. that's too tough for you!

  15. Marie E, Wow, are you naive. Here is another example, college tuition is $20,000 a year for public school and $46,000 for private schools, 3/4ths of America's full time students used financial aid, these schools receive millions of dollars every year from the government, Do you think that is a good incentive for schools to lower tuition? Stop government financial aid and tuition cost will drop. Worried about rising medical costs, they are government subsidized as well, so no encouragement to lower prices. That is how it works with rent as well, if you think it doesn't you are a lost cause.

  16. Hardly naive, just not TWISTED or unrelentingly soured on life.

  17. I see the usual suspects yelling racist and twisted at their taxpaying neighbors. Some facts that should be obvious by now. Illegal aliens that enter OUR country "illegally" are first and foremost felony level law breakers. Staying in our country ILLEGALLY, drawing welfare services, free medical, free housing and food stamps is also AGAINST the laws of our country. These crimes willl forever prevent these individuals from becoming citizens. It's that simple. States like Maine, under lib governorship, only complicate the legitimate administration of our laws. Another fun fact for the lib choir singing here, legitimate asylum claims aren't made after you cross 3 countries to make your claim at the one that gives you the most stuff. Also, 90 percent of asylum claims are ultimately denied. They don't have a case. When real Mainers suggest we take care of our own before before using the resources on welfare shoppers, they aren't being racists, they care about our neighbors and veterans that aren't be helped out. The liberal agenda is on full display in agusta when they ignore Mainers needs in favor of those scamming our country and our taxpayers. It's too easy for Mills and company to spend other people's money. Think about these facts before you vote for these fools again.

  18. I have lived all around this country - West, Southwest, Midwest, East, Northeast. Without a doubt, Mainers are the most racist people I have ever encountered. I attribute this to the fact that so few Mainers have ever experienced life outside of their small town. If you have ever lived, worked, and aspired alongside people of other colors, races and nationalities, you would know in your heart that other people are the same as you even if they look different. Sadly, most Mainers (especially those in small rural communities) speak like they are wise to the world, when in reality they are ignorant and apathetic to anyone that doesn't look like them. Nevermind the principles upon which this country was founded. Nevermind that almost everyone has immigrant ancestors that came to this country hoping for a better life. When it comes to the haters and racists, Maine is NOT the way life should be.

  19. Yes, we understand, Marie. You are entirely happy to spend OUR hard-earned money for things YOU think are good, without us having ANY say in it. You are most likely in a place where any level of 'largesse' won't affect you...yet. You are fine that our children and grand children will not have as good a life as we have in order that you can FEEL GOOD that you supported something that SOUNDS GOOD, but about which you probably know very little - if anything at all. This is similar to gun control and all the other Liberal causes...ignorance parading as enlightened, no logic, just feelings.

    This is par for the course when dealing with Liberalism and public policy. Later, you'll be one protesting and begging us to fix what you supported, but by then it's too late.

  20. According to the New York Times, the only racist thing I have ever done is mow my lawn.

  21. Arnold... when you haven't got much left... throw in the 'racist card'... Careful though by now you should not have many cards left... I do hope you are not now living in Maine and are very happy wherever you are.. I have been around a bit also.. Mainers may toss around some racist words... however, it is most other places that I have been that it is not said so much but put to use a lot.. by both sides..

  22. Come election time in 2020, we shall see how fed up the majority of voters are with the politics of the current people in the WH and the ones who are supposedly doing the "people's business" in the U.S. Senate. The state of Maine's politics won't change much if at all..."free speech" is still a tenet and will continue to be exercised by both Liberals and the other guys.

  23. Arnold you should know who you’re talking about before you call people racist. I’ve been around this globe and the only place I’ve been that is least racist is Maine. Also you should understand that the topic here is illegal immigration not the type you speak of with our ancestors coming here they did it legally. As for not working beside poc you obviously haven’t been around here much because there most definitely are poc and they have jobs. So in closing you should educate yourself before you keep ASSuming things.

  24. Arnold, I travel and have lived all over the US also. Maine is certainly not the most " racist ". In my experience, the places touting the most diversity usually are the ugliest when you dig a little.

  25. Arnold, which one are you, a hater or a racist? Me personally, I'm an 11th generation New World/American. I have worked with lazy people from all races, except Asians, I have never worked with a lazy Asian. I have worked with driven people from all races, I have worked for rich black people and had poor ones work for me, I don't judge based on a person's skin color, I judge based on a person's actions and how they conduct themselves. If wanting Maine and America to prosper by having them filled with driven, law abiding people rather than filled with lazy people who enter illegally and who just want to exploit our government programs makes me a racist, I can live with that.

  26. Arnold. What is wrong with living in a small town your whole life?
    I don’t care what color the folks are around Maine but they should be here
    Legally and pay taxes like the rest of us. Not living in free or subsidized housing.

  27. Arnold, you are the south end of a north bound horse. You must have a very serious ax to grind. Your 'opinion' is rooted in your own prejudices and bad experiences.

  28. I totally agree with Marie...we are all desendents of immigrants unless Native American {And they must have been appalled at us!}

    I don't blame families for wanting a better life for their children. The Italians, Polish, and Irish all came, mostly through Ellis Island and all suffered racial injustice.

    The last time we refused asylum seekers the Jews were sent to Auschwich!

  29. Oh good grief clare roberts, " The last time we refused asylum seekers the Jews were sent to Auschwich! "
    That is total BS. My maternal grandparents were Jewish emigrants. And its Auschwitz!

  30. "Come election time in 2020, we shall see how fed up the majority of voters are with the politics of the current people in the WH and the ones who are supposedly doing the "people's business" in the U.S. Senate. The state of Maine's politics won't change much if at all..."free speech" is still a tenet and will continue to be exercised by both Liberals and the other guys."

    Go ahead, Marie - threaten us with the election...beat each other in the head with "THE ELECTION". I know, you guys are going to "get us" if you win. Hollyweird figures are already telling us they are going after us. "MY BIG BROTHER IS GOING TO GET YOU!" LOL

    You just won huge in Maine - see any good changes? I don't. Only that my hard-working family, like so many, is getting screwed even MORE, and eventually will move away - so you can't keep me as slave labor. Feel like a winner? Your team scoring big? Maine loses, and so does the US.

    Free speech is almost dead. If I express a view contrary to yours - that I want everyone here to be approved of legally to enter - then I am a racist, and perhaps Antifa will run me out of a restaurant, or a town. Nice job you people have done with the country. Just a few more years, that police state you feared under Bush will be real...and probably under a Leftist. Then you'll see just how 'loving and nice' Socialism actually is.

    Until YOU are no longer able to be online because you can't pay for a phone/internet due to giving giving giving til it hurts...then maybe you should keep your moral superiority virtue-signalling complex to yourself and stop deriding others because THEY ARE USING FREE SPEECH to express their POLITICAL OPINION.

  31. Clare Roberts, Maybe you are descended from immigrants, I have no immigrants in my lineage, sorry to disappoint you. My family believes in keeping the line "clean", no Old World blood. I do have an ancestor from England, the first of my line but he got here in the 1600s, and wanted nothing to do with the Old World, so he started a family tradition. And "Native American" is a relative term.

  32. The people who seem extremely touchy about NOT being among the majority of voters who will not re-elect the current POTUS should try to calm down and make better choices of the voices they listen to.

  33. We're not a 'nation of immigrants' at all. We are a nation of citizens. If you start applying that "immigrant test", ALL nations are nations of is stupid. Land belongs to those who will fight for it, period. Hard to believe our country has become so idiotic that we are greedily pushing our own destruction on such childish and irrelevant criteria as 'we are all immigrants'. And the whole 'sins of the past' BS - that needs to GO.

    Try supporting your country for once and not feeling guilty for who you are, who you descended from. This nation has done more for the world than any other in all of history. Stop trying to tear us down, Liberals. We're getting sick of it. If you feel we didn't live up to our founding yet, then be better people - stop attacking your fellow countrymen & women, and just LIVE well and be NICE to others as you demand we do. Lead by example (not FORCE) instead of complaining constantly and doing nothing!

  34. All the libs that span this site and others with their endless socialist talking points are going to assure the continued service of President Trump for another term. Look at the mess in these lib controlled cities, states like Maine and all the illegal law breaking individuals violating our borders and stealing services from real Americans. Yes, money spent on illegals via welfare housing and free medical is taken from real Americans and Mainers and their kids. Open borders and welfare for all is the sound track to a failing nation. Merit based immigration is right for Maine and the United States. Pay your way and take care of your kids, real Mainers are tired of supporting the takers of this world. Libs brought this disaster to our state, next time you see these fools on a ballot, send um packing. KAG 2020.

  35. Funny that it is so hard to get people to fill positions in retail, food prep and agriculture, and other services. The jobs are there, there are people here who could work but don't want to take these low paying and stressful jobs. Given the opportunity, many, if not most of these asylum seekers would gladly take these jobs...then they would not be a burden to the community and these jobs would be filled. Seems like a win-win to me. You know that "Do under others" rule...I don't think it meant only when it meets certain criteria. "If the shoe was on the other foot", I would hope that other countries would be willing to help us, esp. if we were willing to help ourselves.

  36. Excellent editorial. My favorite thing about "Maine for Mainers" is that all of the founders are NOT Mainers: Tom Kawczynski and his extra-fascist ‘trad-wife’ Dana (@Snow_White with her Hitler greeting cards) are Arizona transplants who were bounced from Jackman, where he was town manager, after that town didn’t buy into his white separatist utopia. Kenaz Filan is a New Jersey internet culture warrior working to boost his credentials as a white identity theologist (while blogging about the "toothless rednecks" of places like rural Maine, and how useful their ignorance is). And Camille Cheaney-Patterson, who helped orchestrate the trolling and harassment campaign, is a Florida native. They are relying on the fears and frustrations of people who are struggling in our communities, and they have nothing to offer but hate.

  37. Ina - as long as one able-bodied person is taking welfare and other assistance without working, your 'idea' has no basis in reality. WE are subsidizing these illegal aliens (Maine's latest 'asylum seekers' being some), AND we are subsidizing a good proportion of people on public assistance. In fact, statements like yours simply highlight just how spoiled and elitist the Liberals are, by desiring to sit around while importing the Third World to work on their plantation.

    Re-install work requirements for welfare, watch the rolls go down and if you can get the number of illegals working down, you'll see US workers' wages increase. This is basic; why do so many has zero clue of how this works today? Add a broken education system to the list.

  38. Al, would you please consider editing your article to remove the name-calling? It's not helpful, and it takes away from your credibility as well.

  39. Maria,,
    Al would be like a gun with no ammo if he couldn't call names...
    He is not likely to change any time soon.
    Don't hold your breath.