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Thank you to the voters

To the residents of the Franklin County Communities,

On June 17, the Franklin County Adult Education Program had our annual Graduation Celebration at the Narrow Gauge Drive In Theater. We were able to honor 18 Diploma Recipients. Not all are pictured here, but that also includes three students completing their work while at the Franklin County Detention Center. Also part of our event were six CNA Program Graduates; most/all of whom are proceeding directly to waiting jobs. Five of the six CNA students went to waiting jobs and one enrolled in college. Three of the diploma graduates enrolled in college.

Our deep gratitude goes out to all of our friends and partners that made this event possible; including but not limited to:

John Moore of the Narrow Gauge Cinema
Randy Gauvin for the audio support
Bridget Gilbert of Farmington Police Department for Security
Robin's Flower Pot for the floral arrangements
Mt. Blue Regional School District Superintendent Tina Meserve
Outgoing Director Ray Therrien
Keynote Speaker Dawn Lei Harris-Layton
Student Speaker Heather Wheeler
CNA Instructor Lorna Greenleaf-Collins
ALL the Graduates, CNA Students and their families!
All the Franklin County Adult Education staff
The RSU9 School Board
Roger Bolduc and Paul Brown for event logistics
And ALL of our fabulous Community Partners!

Thanks to you; the voters, for honoring the value of the accomplishments of these courageous folks and all others that are working towards their goals by passing our part of the RSU9 School Budget. This program continually remains to be one of the best investment values in the health and success of our communities.

Michael Burd

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  1. This is exactly why the adult ed program is important. Congratulations to all for your accomplishments ! Mike the picture you referenced seems to have gotten lost.

  2. Where is the picture?

  3. I think it got knocked off somehow; we've added it near the top.

  4. Congratulations to the graduates, a great accomplishment to be proud of! Also to the staff, friends and family who have acted as support systems. Excited to hear of the CNA’s who will be directly helping the communities they are employed in.