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Wonderland growing in size

A huge shout of thanks to the numerous individuals who helped to make the 14th Annual Wonderland Children’s Festival a success on Friday, Aug. 16, in Phillips. Hundreds of people visited our magical event and participated in 18 different activities all designed to encourage the development of imagination. And every child who wished to walked away with a new book, among a full bag of other goodies, thanks to donors.

Every year this festival grows in size and complexity and so does the need for volunteers. We cannot be more grateful than to all who came to help set up the cabanas, and to those who tirelessly stayed in faerie and pirate characters, handing out gifts of imagination to children who were waiting in anticipation.

And to all donors! Thank-you for recognizing the value that this festival has on the lives of children! Many thanks and much heartfelt gratitude! Next year, Number 15!

Susy and Dave Sanders

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