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4-H members heading to DC

The 4-H members heading to Washington D.C. are: Allison Blauvelt, Bradley Smith, Caleb Mulcahy and Noah Mulcahy.

FARMINGTON - Franklin County 4-H will be sending four members with the Maine delegation to the Citizenship Washington Focus trip this year.

They will be in Washington DC from July 1 from July 8. CWF is one of six National 4-H Conferences/Summits available to 4-H members. Delegates will stay at the National 4-H Conferene Center in Chevy Case, Maryland which is minutes away from the capital. The Maine delegation is the only 4-H group that marches in the National 4th of July Parade with the honor of carrying a balloon in the parade. Last year it was the Paddington Bear balloon.

In addition to visiting the capital, marching in the parade, watching the 4th of July Fireworks and visiting our national monuments and museums, delegates will learn the process of how our government works. Delegates are required to present an Aciton Plan on a local community issue that they identify while at the Conference.

The Maine 4-H Foundation, Franklin County 4-H Leaders Association as well as other local organizations have donated the fees for these four members to attend this year. If you would like to donate to Franklin County 4-H for the purpose of sending our youth on these National Trips, please contact Tara Marble at the Franklin County Extension Office at 778-4650.

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