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Baxter State Park auctioning trail signs to raise funds

Friends of Baxter State Park will be auctioning off state parks as a fundraiser.

MILLINOCKET - Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Baxter State Park history? Friends of Baxter State Park, a nonprofit organization that helps to support and preserve the 209,644-acre park, is auctioning off retired Baxter State Park signs as a fundraiser.

This year’s auction includes 20 signs from favorite hikes like South Turner, Mount OJI, the Marston Trail, and Little Abol Falls. Several iconic fishing spots are represented, including Russell Pond and Slaughter Pond.

“We know that many people feel a really strong connection to the Park and would love to have something at home to help them remember their favorite places,” Executive Director of Friends of Baxter State Park Aaron Megquier said. “For someone who hiked a trail with a friend or loved one or has been visiting a favorite fishing spot for decades, to be able to own a sign from that place is pretty special.”

Friends of Baxter State Park will donate half of the auction proceeds directly to Baxter State Park, and the remaining proceeds will go to support Friends programs. Bidding closes on Dec. 4 at midnight. The auction is entirely online and may be accessed at

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  1. And how much will it cost to replace those auctioned off?

  2. Once you monetize park signs (which this auction does), you'll create a market in stolen park signs. You'll be sorry!