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Koviashuvik Open Homestead Day this weekend

TEMPLE - Koviashuvik Open Homestead Day is this Saturday May 25. Koviashuvik is a teaching homestead dedicated to sharing ecologically and culturally regenerative skills and life-ways. All are welcome. There will be an open OPEN WORKSHOP for carving with the draw-knife and Owen Knapp (age 12) will be teaching wooden sword making at 2:30 p.m. We will be pounding Brown Ash for baskets, grinding acorns into flour and touring the gardens and plantings.

Root Cellar Storage
Ice House Refrigeration
Alternative Building
Homestead-scale agriculture
Milk goats and meat rabbits
Simple Solar Hot Water
Native Cree Architecture
Outdoor Cooking
Solar Dehydration

This is as free event. Check out Koviashuvik for more info.

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  1. Great experience just to get a peek of, if you've never visited.