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Maine Forestry Museum: “Many thanks”

Mark Beauregard, MFM’s current President, with a plaque presented to Mike Koob that honor’s his many years of support, with a Life Time Membership, to the Maine Forestry Museum. You will be able to see this plaque displayed at his new establishment the Portage Tap House in Oquossoc. The certificate for this membership was presented this past summer at the Logging Festivals opening ceremonies.

RANGELEY - The Maine Forestry Museum’s board is saying Happy New Year as well as “Many Thanks” to all its members and volunteers, but also the same to all the folks in Rangeley, visitors to the museum, the businesses that continue their invaluable support, the area Plantations and Town of Rangeley for funding of the annual Logging Parade in the year 2018.

We are gearing up this year, 2019, for the 40th year celebration which will come in 2020. The organization charter was formed late in the year 1979, as the Rangeley Lakes Region Logging Museum, but it was in 1980 that they first held activities and events.

If you have recently visited the Museum you would definitely know that there has been a steady and positive growth over the years. We are now trying to insure, for future generations, that there will still be a Maine Forestry Museum. However, it is indeed difficult to keep up as the years pass. So we ask now for those that can; become a member plus consider that your time, talent and other financial support as being vitally important as we forge ahead in keeping the Maine Forestry Museum a major asset to our community.

Probably simplest, but most important to us, would be that you come and visit this year, 2019. You will witness the effort and good work that is happening at the museum. The day after the annual Open House, on Tuesday June 18th our hours for the summer will be: Wednesday through Sunday from 10AM to 4PM. Check the community calendar and our web site for details of all our hours and activities for 2019.

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