Franklin Countys First News

Nature: Spring fever hits hard

Fireworks over Prescott Field at the Fire and Ice Festival (Don Waterhouse/New Sharon)

A storm suddenly changes the March landscape (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

Who's the visitor? (Bernadette Harvell/Kingfield)

Snowy woods with strong March sun (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin/New Sharon)

Mrs. Hairy Woodpecker traveled up and down this small tree looking for the perfect spot to peck for insects. (Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

A barred owl napped and sunbathed in Chesterville. (Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

Slow Snow Curl. (Ira Hall/ Chesterville)

Spring fever hit gray squirrel hard. He was leaping, twirling, summersaulting, jumping on branches, chewing on twigs, and jumping into prickly plants. (Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

(Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

(Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

(Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

(Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

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8 Responses »

  1. Love the squirrels!
    Ira: you did it!
    I am sorry to report that the owl I photographed in Farmington was found dead in our yard the next day. When I contacted Avian Haven about it, I learned that this has been a difficult winter for owls and many are starving. This one must have been so desperate that it came very close to my house, eyeing my chickens. One way to help the owls, Avian Haven suggested, was to spread seeds on the snow to attract mice.

  2. Is there such a thing as Squirrel-nip? Looks like this one got into some. Nice shots. So sorry to hear about the owl. Had one try to catch a red squirrel at the peak of the blizzard Tuesday but saw something running away so maybe the owl went hungry, again.

  3. Love the picture of the fireworks, never seen them when there was snow on the ground,,Thanks all,,

  4. Never seen a snow curl like that!

  5. Another great start to my week - thank you all for amazing photos. Jane Naliboff your creature antic shots always make me smile. I love squirrels and this little guy is adorable!! Perhaps he could be an inspiration for another children's book?!

  6. Thank you for another week of great pictures. I have never seen a snow curl either it was amazing.

  7. That's one happy/goofy squirrel!

  8. fantastic pictures everyone!
    Thanks for sharing,