Franklin Countys First News

Nature’s fireworks

A bald eagle that has made Clearwater lake in Industry his new home. (Melissa Saxton)

Jewelweed. (Tom Oliver)

Fireweed. (Tom Oliver)

Jack-in-the Pulpit. (Tom Oliver)

Black-eyed Susan. (Tom Oliver)

Common Yellowthroat. (Tom Oliver)

Gray fox in Weld. (Dennis York)

Gray fox. (Dennis York)

Big shiny doe eyes! (Joe Hall)

Shy buddies. (Joe Hall)

Summer's twins...never far apart. (Joe Hall)

Black-eyed Susan add the warmest yellow to our summer days. (Joe Hall)

Like a colorful burst of fireworks! (Joe Hall)

What's not to love about purple pom poms? (Joe Hall)

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4 Responses »

  1. Nice pictures everyone. Keep them coming.

  2. Oh-so-nice summer photos. The commonest of plants & animals can be beautiful & intriguing up-close. Thank you.

  3. Lovely pictures again this week. Hope that they will continue in the coming weeks!!

  4. FYI - Jewelweed can be crushed up & used as a great poison ivy cure. Crush stalks & all .. rub on to areas with a rash. Dries it right up. Typically grows in similar areas to the ivy itself.