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Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust opens community garden

RANGELEY – Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust has partnered with Sarge’s Pub & Grub to provide space for a community garden on Main Street in Rangeley, on the same lot as the Main Street Bike Course.

Community members are invited to try their hand at gardening with a free plot.

“We hope that this will give families an opportunity to get their hands dirty, learn something new together and grow food or flowers,” Program Manager, Amanda Laliberte said. “Along with bringing our community together, we hope to create an area that will attract butterflies, bees and birds.”

This project is possible because of the generosity of the community. The land for the community garden has been donated by Sarge’s Pub and Grub. Due North Property Services kindly donated the clean-up of the lot and tilling the garden. Bird feeders have been built and donated by both Ken White and Mark Garner. The hard work behind the project will be volunteer coordinated throughout the summer. Lead volunteer, Bunny Fazekas, and husband, Joe, have donated the use of their greenhouse.

Donations of enriched soil, vegetable seedlings, flower bulbs, and a rain barrel are being sought.

For more information on how to get involved Bunny Fazekas at 864-9142.

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