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RLHT: A note on lake etiquette from your neighbors

Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust

As the sunshine and heat beckon us to the lake this summer there are a few things your neighbors would like you to keep in mind. Here are a few tips on how to be a good neighbor on the water AND to protect the natural resource that we all love - our lakes!

Let's talk about garbage and human waste first. Plan on how to handle bathroom breaks on the lake for yourselves and your animals. There are ONLY public facilities on Rangeley Lake at the Town Park and at Rangeley State Park. Other land is owned privately, and it is against the law to trespass. The authorities will be called. Check for public facilities on other water bodies. No one wants human or animal waste on their property, nor do we want it washing back into the lake after a good rain.

Minimize food packaging and debris before getting on the boat. Garbage should be packed off the lake with you. Apples, watermelons, and other food products attract domestic and wild animals. Not to mention it’s an eyesore and someone else will have to clean up your mess.

Be a good neighbor on water & on shore. Please do not ‘raft up’ within close proximity of private camps. Everyone is trying to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Please don’t let your good time shouldn’t ruin theirs. Camps can’t move, but your boat can.

Sound carries extremely well on a lake. Please be mindful of the camps & others around you and their right to enjoy peace and quiet. Remember, your music & voice carries across the water and every word can be heard.

Decrease your impact on the lake (and yes, you are impacting it). Watch wildlife from a respectful distance. Stressing loons and other waterfowl may affect their ability to rear young.

Motorized boat MUST be at headway speed within 200 feet of shore. Please keep your wake low so children and wildlife may also enjoy the use of the lake.

We are all here for the same reason - we love the lake. These are some changes we ALL must make when we live and play on the lake. So, think these over and think about what makes this place special to you. We think the thoughtful changes that we all make will be worth it.

The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust maintains traditional public access and uses of its land for recreation, education, and scientific study. They also offer a summer youth program, maintain a water quality program, and offer remote and traditional camping at Cupsuptic Lake Park & Campground. To learn more about RLHT or how to get involved visit

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  1. Regarding bathroom needs while boating: though it's not the most modest arrangement, a 5 gal. pail can be fitted with a toilet seat (see Marine/RV supply stores) and a plastic trash bag. Kitty litter in the trash bag can absorb fluids and minimize odor, and the used bag can be disposed of in an appropriate receptacle once you are back on shore.