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RLHT to host Dark Sky talks

View the Milky Way from the Mingo Loop Bridge in Rangeley. Image courtesy of Maine Mountain Media.

RANGELEY - Join Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust and presenter Doug Dunlap at Rangeley Health and Wellness for a talk on Summer Constellations Saturday night, June 20 at 8:30 p.m..

Community members are encouraged to bring a folding chair or damp-proof blanket along with a light source with a red-light option. Sky maps may be helpful but not necessary. However, those bringing a map or book should remember to read them by a red light.

“Red, not white, flashlights, should be used because even one person’s use of white light could set everyone back 20 minutes," RLHT’s David Miller said. “Lights could be carried for the walk back to a vehicle at the end of the program but not used beforehand.”

RLHT will host additional dark sky activities on July 20, September 5, and 17. More information to come.

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