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Temple Scouts place second at Fishermen’s Rendezvous Camporee

Learning to build a fire was just one of the skills scouts competed at.

WINDSOR- Nearly 200 Boy Scouts from Kennebec, Somerset, Franklin, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc and Cumberland Counties got hooked on a weekend of fun at the Windsor Fairground where they held the Fishermen's Rendezvous Fall Camporee.

The event, organized by Warren Troop 254, included fishing-themed activities such as Hypodermic Fire Building, Casting/Fishing (on land), Obstacle Course, Knot tying, Bucket Fill, Anchor Toss, Trap Run, Cribs: Sailor Edition (Show how your campsite is safe and matches our theme.), Fisherman’s Grub challenge (You cook it, we try it, it’s up to you what you make.), and the Nautical Ball campfire.

Augusta Troop 631's Kyle Mastriano and Riley Tice enjoyed hauling a lobster trap, sorting through its contents to find the lobster, restocking the bait and setting the buoy.

"You had to stick your hand in a bucket of ice water to get it really cold and then build a fire so you could warm it up," Liam Tice said, who liked the fire building best.

"The activities were pretty fun," Austin White of Sidney Troop 401 said. His favorite was knot-tying because they had to walk across a rope after securing the rope with knots they tied.

Leaders from around the district joined with host Troop 254 to plan and organize the event. "This took several months to plan," said Troop 254 Senior Patrol Leader Nick Cole. "We were really happy to host the Fishermen's Rendezvous but it couldn't have happened without a lot of work from everyone."

Top Three Overall Units for the weekend:
1. T610, Richmond
2. T546, Temple
3. T479, China

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