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Abbey Goodspeed, Asa Stroman win Dartmouth Cup

Abbey Goodspeed and Asa Stroman won this year's Dartmouth Cup.

FARMINGTON - A spring day at Titcomb saw the running of the historic Dartmouth Cup, one of the oldest continuous ski races in the country.

It was started in 1952 after Harold Titcomb donated some money to Dartmouth College, where his Bud and also his son Jack, who had been killed in WWII, had graduated from. The slope is named after John “Jack” Abbott Titcomb, and the folks at Dartmouth found out about this. Dartmouth sent the money back to Harold asking him to start a race in honor of his son instead. The Dartmouth Cup, a silver cup atop wheels of the names of all the winners throughout the years, was purchased with the money.

Abbey Goodspeed and Asa Stroman took the top prize at this year's event. Both are members of the F.A.S.T. ski team based at Titcomb, and sped down two runs on the Otter Slide for their wins.

This race is open to all Farmington Ski Club members age 12 and under, and there were excellent racers from age 3 to 12. Goodspeed joins one of the several brother/sister combos that have won the cup, as her brother Sam Goodspeed won last year.

The top four places in each category are as follows:

Age 6 and under Girls

1. Arianna Morse

Age 7 & 8 Girls

1. Scout Simpson

Age 9 & 10 Girls

1. Kendra Bor

Age 11 & 12 Girls

1. Abbey Goodspeed
2. Madeline Morton
3. Vivian Cormier
4. Molly Kearing

Age 6 and under Boys

1. Rylan Dumont 2. Wes Simpson
3. Lucas Duchesne
4. Chandler Clark

Age 7 & 8 Boys

1. Finn Mort
2. Chaise Pratt
3. Koa Dumont
4. Landon Morse

Age 9 & 10 Boys

1. Trevor Nichols
2. JJ Alexander
3. Sam Hayes
4. Nate Zeliger

Age 11 & 12 Boys

1. Asa Stroman
2. Jackson Hardy
3. Milo Thompson
4. Tommy Ferrari

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3 Responses »

  1. Trenton Beaudoin won last year. Sam won in 2016. Congratulations to everyone

  2. I did not know the story behind the Dartmouth Cup. Thanks, Bulldog, for including those important details.

  3. Thank you for the correction regarding Trenton as last year's winner. One should never rely on memory alone!