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Farmington “Cougar Open” results

Central Maine Tennis Tournament Series Leg 1.

Farmington “Cougar Open” Results

First Round:
Billy Noble def Casey VanDenBossche, 8-5
Hunter Morancy def Shain Heap, 8-0
Nikko Noble def Brandon Melville, 8-5
Miroslav Dossev def Alex Tedesco, 8-0

Zac Conlogue (1) def B. Noble, 8-1
Morancy def Jim Begin (4), walkover
Alex Bunnell (3) def N. Noble, 8-0
Devin Lachapelle (2) def Dossev, 8-4

Conlogue (1) def Morancy, 8-2
Lachapelle (2) def Bunnell (3), 8-4

Conlogue (1) def Lachapelle (2), 8-6

Consolation Semifinals
Melville def Tedesco, 8-1
VanDenBossche def Heap, 8-1

Consolation Finals
VanDenBossche def Melville, 8-0

Next tournament is Saturday July 29 at 9:00. Location is Colby College.

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