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Hickory Scramble held in Phillips in memory of Alice Kamm

The Hickory Scramble, in memory of Alice Kamm, of Strong, who was the Ladies Golf Club Champion in Lima, Peru for several years, was held recently at the Just-A-Field Golf Teaching Center in Phillips. Kamm played golf at Just-A-Field for six years, and was the winner of the 2011 Fancy Pants Tournament. Several members of the Women’s Golf League, not only dressed in golfing attire from yesteryear, they played with wooden clubs, as well as old-fashioned tees and golf balls. Pictured left to right is Winona Davenport, Phillips; Diane Johnson, New Vineyard; BJ Bangs, Phillips; Judy McCurdy and Jane Deely, Kingfield; and Bonnie Clark, Farmington.

Winona Davenport

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