Franklin Countys First News

Route 4 Raceway hosting final mud run of the season Saturday

(All photos by Paria Didehban)

STRONG - On Friday, Sept. 28, a dirt track racing event will start at 5 p.m. with the Dirty Dawg Mud Racing run beginning at 11 a.m. Featuring seven classes of deep mud events.

Tom Meader is leading the 4-cylinder, front-wheel drive class and Eddie Tyler is leading the v8, rear-wheel drive class.

Trophies will be awarded for mud runs and car races that weekend. $10 admission per day, kids 12 and under enter free. Free camping.

(All photos by Paria Didehban)

(All photos by Paria Didehban)

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  1. Over so soon?? i will be there for sure. if anyone hasn't been down to check out the rt. 4 raceway they really need to. the quality of racing and and constant action is second to none. cant wait till next year as i will have a car and try my skills!!

  2. please post to tim ladds website

  3. What wonderful entertainment for the greater Farmington area! So much fun. These photographs are very beautiful as well!

  4. think it should be more organized. skowhegan is a great track to check out.

  5. Good luck luke , stephen, and frank! :))

  6. Fun time...too bad it is the last of the year.

  7. why 5pm when people can't get there, cause they are getting out of work or was there a REASON for this.mmmm

  8. dear HAD IT, why do you think it is unorganized? AND it was at 5pm because the weather forecast for sunday was calling for rain, all the racers agreed on being there at 5. have you ever even been to these events? where do you have room to complain? figure out the facts before you start running your mouth. thank you.

  9. first off i want to thank Paria Didehban Photography,GREAT PICTURES & YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON !!!next thanks to everyone that has helped make this summer a success next thanks Racer for telling ==HAD IT =WHAT I'M THINKING

  10. Dear HAD IT, you think you can do a better job, then we invite you to run the show. I Think Tim Ladd has done a good job, for the first full season that we have run. I've been to Boondocks Raceway and they do a good job but they have been running more than one year, it takes time, so get a life, Mouth!!

  11. I have been to this racetrack several times over the summer and I have found it to be alot of fun! I hope to enjoy it next year also. Keep up the great work!
    P.S Dear Had it, please, just stay home. There doing a great job without your words of ?wisdom?.