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UMF men’s rugby advances after dispatching Endicott College

The UMF Men's squad celebrate after vanquishing Endicott College.

FARMINGTON - The University of Maine at Farmington men's rugby team hosted Endicott College in the second round of their playoff push towards Nationals. The UMF team haven't lost this season, winning eight straight thus far in the fall campaign. The Beavers success earned their side the luxury of a home playoff game this late in the year.

The Endicott College Gulls traveled to Prescott Field to compete against the Beavers in what was a chilly day accompanied by a stiff breeze. Despite the bust out your parka weather, energetic fans packed the pitch to enjoy the speed of both teams play.

The Beavers didn't give the Gulls any chance to steady themselves, starting off the match with powerful inside running lines. Endicott struggled early in adapting to UMF's diverse offense. The Gulls found themselves paying for big plays out wide after swooping in to stop Beaver successful inside runs.

UMF's flyhalf Nate Backus alternated between finding inside center Jack Neary and prop Mack Telfer which resulted in punishing runs. Telfer and Neary drew crowds of the opposition like Gulls to a dumpster of donuts. The phases following these dynamic dashes gave the Beavers room to cut open Endicott's perimeter.

The Miller brothers, Killian and Cormac, were repeat offenders in finding space for UMF after the Gulls had gathered. The Beavers used constant offensive communication to keep the ball actively finding spaces in Endicott's responsive defense.

The Gulls with the ball gave the Beavers some fits at the tail end of both halves. Endicott used their immense speed on the edges to fly into the open field, resulting in some long distance tries. Despite Endicott's pace of play, UMF was able to hold on to secure the victory 36-24.

"It's been a very surreal and amazing season," Head Coach Tony Solis said. "With a talented and fun loving group of guys."

The Beavers will challenge Alfred University from upstate New York on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. in North Adams, Massachusetts. They will look to win and move one step closer to their Nationals aspirations.

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  1. Good luck to Nate and the UMF side.

  2. Does anyone know how Saturday's game came out?